Swedish Transcription Services


Swedish audio or video to Swedish text: $2.10 (USD) per audio minute

Swedish audio or video to English text: $6.95 (USD) per audio minute

We don’t charge extra for the following:

  • Speaker identification

  • Timestamps

  • Accents

  • Difficult terminology

  • Multiple speakers

Are you seeking the best Swedish transcription services? If you need a team of highly qualified transcriptionists and translators to transcribe your Swedish audio or video, you’ve come to the right place. We’re experts at quickly converting audio into accurate transcripts in Swedish, the largest Scandinavian language.

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The Best Swedish Transcriptionists

None of the Scandinavian languages is particularly large, but Swedish boasts the highest numbers, with 9,610,000 native speakers and approximately 3,000,000 non-native speakers. Of course, Swedish is the national and primary language of Sweden, but it’s also used by minorities in Finland and Estonia, as well as in smaller Swedish communities around the globe.

If you’d like your message to reach as many Swedish speakers as possible, allow us to offer our services. TranscriptionServices.com’s team of vastly experienced professional transcriptionists is excited to transform your Swedish audio or video into a transcript in Swedish or English. We’ve produced transcripts for a wide range of applications, including ethnographic research, organizational SEO work, improved accessibility to products and services, and educational material.

Speech-to-Text Software Can’t Transcribe Swedish

Transcribing Swedish is difficult enough for humans. It requires a high level of concentration, skill, and language comprehension, so it’s really a job for trained, experienced professionals. Machines, inherently lacking human language comprehension, simply cannot produce transcripts of quality, instead creating errors and inaccuracies. Despite this, however, many companies that sell Swedish transcription services use such programs.

We’re different. We guarantee that all our transcripts are generated solely by humans who can expertly navigate any Swedish idioms, slang expressions, or nonstandard accents your recording might throw their way. What about dialects? No problem. We’re fluent in those, too, so whether your clip is in Standard Swedish, Finland Swedish, Southern Swedish, or any other dialect, we promise the same remarkably high level of precision. We’ll even make sure a transcriptionist with expertise in your particular dialect works on your order so it can be as accurate as possible.

Speedy, Accurate, Customizable Swedish Transcription

Here at TranscriptionServices.com, we’re committed to delivering the best transcript to suit your individual needs. We can provide a professional transcript of your Swedish audio in Swedish, of course, but we can also translate your transcript into English for increased accessibility. Your Swedish audio or video file can cover any subject. Our transcriptionists have experience working with researchers, professors, entrepreneurs, marketers, and a wide range of professionals, so they’re familiar with technical terms in a variety of fields. Furthermore, clips with low-quality audio, multiple speakers, or mumbled speech pose no problem for such skilled transcriptionists as ours.

Don’t let an amateur or a robot transcribe your Swedish audio. Leave it to the professionals. We promise flexible, confidential Swedish transcription services with a tireless commitment to accuracy. We also want to make sure you meet your deadline, so we offer a number of turnaround options so we can work with your schedule. If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to send your Swedish audio to us today.

Our clients come from cities across the world—from El Paso, Chicago, and New York City to Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

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