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El Paso’s Most Talented Audio and Video Transcriptionists

We’re highly skilled human transcriptionists eager to work for El Paso clients.

Researchers, business owners, and others across El Paso who require high-quality, accurate transcription services flock to, which leads the online transcription world for both English transcription and transcription in foreign languages. Our services cover everywhere from Franklin Mountains State Park to the Mission Trail and beyond, so anyone in El Paso or the surrounding area with recorded audio, video clips, or documents written by hand can send us their files.

Not only are we seasoned professionals with immense experience and unmatched expertise, but we’re also all humans. Speech recognition software, while an incredible technology, simply can't produce the same level of precision as humans. Human transcriptionists are skilled at ridding an automatically generated transcript of silly errors, such that you'd never know the base was produced by a machine. Whether you have a video clip, a recording from a conference, or content in a foreign language, we can transcribe or even translate it. We’re dedicated to helping you.

Get a quote and see how affordable our services are.

Transcription services for everyone in El Paso—guaranteed!

We’re proud to serve the people of Texas’s greatest city, El Paso. What’s more, our services are also available more widely to the fine people of Texas and across this great nation. You have high standards of quality, but we’re confident we can meet and even exceed your expectations.

  • Calling all students and professors at the University of Texas at El Paso, Southwest University at El Paso, and Park University El Paso! Do you need academic transcription services for a recorded lecture, a group discussion, or handwritten notes? Just send your file our way. We’ll make sure the transcriptionist assigned to your project is experienced in your field of research, well suited to handle specialized terminology.

  • For artists and content creators of El Chuco, we offer specialized services such as video captioning and publication-ready final draft transcripts. (Thanks to our expert proofreading team, we can guarantee the correctness of your transcript for publication.) What about useful extras like timestamps for video transcription and speaker identification tags? We make those available to El Paso creators for free!

  • Many non-native English speakers call El Paso home. Of these, a substantial number speak Spanish, but others speak Czech, Khmer, Swahili, and other languages spanning the globe. We serve these clients, too, providing transcription, translation, and video subtitling for more than 500 languages.

  • Whether they work in ophthalmology, dermatology, neurology, or another specialty, medical professionals from all over El Paso, from Mountain View to Castner Heights, frequently need transcription services. Our top-notch medical transcription partner has delivered numerous transcripts to healthcare workers around the El Paso area, and they’re ready to meet your needs.

  • If you work in law, you know only specialized legal transcriptionists are qualified to produce legal transcripts. That’s precisely why we’ve partnered with a first-rate legal transcription company, which provides the best certified legal transcription services in all of El Paso.

  • You might not fall into one of the above categories, but no matter what you need transcribed, whether audio, video, or text, it would be our pleasure to serve you.

El Paso residents, send your files our way!

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Our transcription team is unmatched.

We’re more than just transcriptionists—we’re also proofreaders and translators. On top of that, our team members are experts in fields as varied as computer science, religion, and mathematics. Going even further, our transcriptionists have worked with dialects and accents from around the world, so we can handle any unique speech in your audio.

El Paso, Texas, is home to more than 683,000 people, and we truly believe that business owners, content creators, scholars, healthcare providers, and others deserve nothing but the best in transcription. We’re ready to serve all those in El Paso, whether in English or one of the many other languages we work with. Given our simple pricing model, which doesn’t change based on the complexity of your audio or document, ordering transcripts from us is easy and affordable.

Ready for the best transcripts you’ve ever received?

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We offer transcription samples at no charge.

Ordering transcription services can be daunting, and you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. Don’t worry—we understand. Just click the link below to request a free sample from us, and let us show you just how talented we are.

We’d like to offer you a free sample.

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