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Amharic Transcription Services


Seeking the highest-quality Amharic transcription services available? We at are here to serve you. We boast an exceptional team of transcriptionists and translators from across the globe who specialize in converting non-English audio or video into text. If you have audio or video in Amharic, Africa’s second-biggest indigenous language, we can transcribe it for you.

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The Best Amharic Transcriptionists

A total of 21,870,000 people, primarily in Ethiopia, speak Amharic as a native tongue, and the Semitic language boasts 25,870,000 speakers globally when L2 learners are considered. Amharic is the official language of Ethiopia and is spoken widely in Ethiopian communities in Israel as well as in other nations worldwide.

The expert transcriptionists and translators at endeavor to enhance the reach of your Amharic audio and video by converting your content into Amharic or English text (which, in the latter case, could increase your potential readers by over a billion). We offer transcripts for a wide variety of purposes, from ethnographic research and enhanced SEO to expanded reach and the production of documentaries—and much more.

Software Is Fast, Humans Are Accurate

If the quality of your Amharic transcript matters to you, you know you can’t rely on technology—you can only lean on it as a tool. While other Amharic transcription services rely fully on speech-to-text software, we know it's just not accurate enough to replace human transcriptionists. That's why we make sure our exceptionally skilled human transcriptionists carefully review every word of any machine-generated transcripts. That means they can easily handle Amharic idioms, slang, and nonstandard accents, and, as Amharic experts, they’re familiar with diverse dialects, such as Gondar, Gojjami, and Showa, among others.

If accuracy is particularly important to you, we’ll even assign a transcriptionist fluent in your dialect to deliver the best possible results.

The Most Customizable and Flexible Amharic Transcription Services

Here at, we offer numerous customization options for Amharic transcription. We’ll transcribe your Amharic audio into the Latin alphabet or into the native Ge’ez script. Our professional transcriptionists work with academics, businesspeople, private clients, and whoever else requires Amharic transcription services. Also, we’re experts not only in transcribing Amharic but also in translating it into English, so we can provide you with an English transcript if you so wish. With their extensive transcription and translation experience, our team can expertly handle even poor audio quality, numerous speakers, and technical terms.

If you want the best Amharic transcription, automated speech recognition software alone isn’t going to cut it—you need human professionals to meticulously review the software's output. Let our exceptionally talented team tailor your Amharic transcript to your precise needs. And don’t worry about your deadline, because our wide range of turnaround options ensures you’ll meet even the most urgent one. Ready to get started? All you need to do is send us your audio or video!

Located in Memphis, Austin, or Detroit? Was your audio created in Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, or Nazret? No matter the location, we’re here to serve you.


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