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Boston’s Best Audio and Video Transcriptionists

Looking for the best human transcription agency in Boston?

Whether you’re looking for transcription services in English or in a wide range of foreign languages, is the company for you. Wherever you hail from in Boston, be it near the Freedom Trail or Faneuil Hill, and no matter who you are, whether you’re a student at Boston University, a budding entrepreneur, or any other professional, we’re here to provide top-quality professional transcription. We transcribe both audio and video content as well as handwritten documents.

The transcriptionists we hire are superbly talented and experienced, and we always guarantee quality in our transcripts thanks to the unparalleled expertise of our transcriptionists. That applies even if we use speech recognition software to generate a base transcript, since we then hand it over to our human transcriptionists to guarantee the utmost accuracy. Whether you need focus group transcription, podcast transcription, or university lecture transcription in English or another language, our phenomenal team is here to provide top-notch transcription services.

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What kind of transcription services do we offer?

Not only do we feature the best, most diverse audio and video transcription services in Boston or Massachusetts, but we’re also the leading transcription team in the United States. No matter your needs, we’re confident our highly experienced team will leave you satisfied.

  • For students at Boston University, Northeastern University, Harvard Medical School, and any of the many fine post-secondary institutions in Boston, we offer highly accurate academic transcripts, whether for clips of lectures, group discussions, or notes you’ve recorded. Our transcriptionists boast vast knowledge in a variety of subjects, so you can rest assured your transcriptionist will be familiar with the terminology in your field.

  • For Beantown’s content creators, we offer diverse transcription services ranging from speaker identification, to timestamps, to captions. Would you like a final draft transcript that’s ready to be published as soon as you receive it? Thanks to our talented team of dedicated proofreaders, we can deliver professionally formatted transcripts that have been professionally proofread.

  • People hailing from around the world have settled in Boston, making the city a diverse international community that speaks Arabic, Hungarian, Punjabi, and countless other languages in addition to English. We’re equipped to serve this population, too, with transcription services available in more than 500 languages as well as professional translation and video subtitling services.

  • Graduates of the renowned Harvard Medical School now work as healthcare professionals all across Boston, from Downtown to South Boston, as well as in neighboring regions. Our partner firm provides excellent medical transcription services to professionals in all specialties, whether emergency medicine, pathology, or radiology.

  • In a major US city like Boston, legal professionals work tirelessly. We work with a partner firm who offers remarkably precise legal transcription with the utmost confidentiality.

  • People from all walks of life sometimes need to simply have their recorded or handwritten notes transcribed. We’re here for you in those cases, too.


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What makes us the best transcription agency in Boston?

In addition to transcriptionists, our team also comprises professional proofreaders and translators, meaning we offer a variety of services, including translation. Our team has expertise in archaeology, literature, statistics, and a number of other fields, and our transcriptionists know numerous dialects and accents, so we can provide a top-notch transcript to meet any client’s unique needs.

Considering the experience, expertise, and diversity of our team, there’s no better transcription solution for the more than 673,000 scholars, content creators, and business leaders from Boston, Massachusetts. We also offer transcription and translation services for numerous languages, so we can truly serve the entire population of Boston. With expert human transcriptionists and a simple pricing model that never increases with audio complexity, we’re confident in saying we’re the best transcription option for the people of Boston.

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