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Turkish Transcription Services

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The best Turkish transcriptionists and translators are here at Our transcriptionists are seasoned professionals, passionate about delivering the best, most accurate Turkish transcripts directly to your inbox. Our team members pride themselves on producing precise, high-quality transcripts in Turkish, also called Istanbul Turkish, at record speed.

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Turkish Transcription by the Best in the Industry


Boasting 78,530,000 native speakers and a total of 78,910,000 speakers, Turkish is the most widely spoken Turkic language and the national language of Turkey. It also has widespread usage in the many Turkish communities scattered around the world, most notably in Germany. The number of people who speak Turkish is remarkably high, which means you have a massive potential audience for your Turkish content.

Reach these readers by transforming your audio or video into writing, which we can deliver either in Turkish or in English for even greater reach. Our professional Turkish transcripts can help you achieve your goal, be it ethnographic research, company promotion, information dissemination, documentary production, or anything else.

Transcribing Turkish with Both Machines and Human Experts

As impressive as technology may be, it’s still far from being able to accurately transcribe Turkish. Any transcript produced via speech-to-text algorithms is bound to be of low quality, full of mistakes and inaccuracies. But it's fast, and that's its utility. When you get an experienced human transcriptionist to oversee the results of imprecise speech recognition software, you can create quality transcripts much faster with no reduction in quality.

Turkish idioms, colloquialisms, and accents? Machines can’t understand them, but our transcriptionists are masters of all aspects of the Turkish language. So, working with a rough base transcribed by a machine, our human transcription experts can deliver highly accurate transcripts at record speed. Dialects always trip up software as well, but not our transcriptionists: They know many different Turkish dialects, from Danubian, to Meskhetian, to Rumelian, and many more. We’ll make sure an expert in your dialect transcribes your recording for ultimate accuracy.

Turkish Transcription Services to Fit Your Needs

Naturally, the skilled transcriptionists at can expertly transcribe any audio or video in Turkish, but we give you a choice of language output, as well. We can transcribe your content into Turkish, of course, but we can also translate the resulting transcript into English. Scholars, businesspeople, and professionals of all kinds have already entrusted their transcription needs to us, so we’re highly familiar with a wide array of subject matter. From poor-quality audio, to video with a number of different speakers, to recordings featuring a lot of background noise, we can transcribe it all.

We want to make sure you receive the highest-quality Turkish transcript possible. That’s why we work hard to produce customized, confidential transcripts accurately and professionally by the deadlines you specify. We offer many different turnaround options to make sure your needs are always met.

We work with clients worldwide, from Chicago, Denver, and Baltimore to Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. No matter the circumstances, we’re here to help.

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