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Malayalam Transcription Services

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Do you need an experienced transcriptionist for your Malayalam audio or video?’s highly experienced team of transcriptionists and translators is ready to start turning your Malayalam audio into professionally formatted text. With us, you’ll receive accurate, high-quality transcripts in Malayalam, the language of the Indian state of Kerala, in record time.

If you order now, we can get started on your Malayalam transcript right away.

We’re the Masters of Malayalam Transcription

How many people speak Malayalam? If we count native speakers, about 34,000,000, and if we include foreign language learners, the number rises to approximately 35,250,000. The primary region of the language is the state of Kerala, in southern India, but sizeable Malayalam-speaking communities can be found in countries around the world.

Would you like as many Malayalam speakers as possible to receive your message? Let us help you spread it. Our highly precise, professional transcripts in Malayalam—or in English, if you prefer—are customized to meet your individual needs. We can help you no matter what your goals are, from performing research, to helping promote your company, to creating informative content, to simply spreading a message far and wide.

Our Team Produces Transcripts of the Utmost Accuracy

For accurate Malayalam transcription, you need human transcriptionists. It's not that speech-to-text technology isn't great—it actually does a pretty good job. But you need trained human experts to polish the output and correct any errors the machine may produce, so automated transcription alone isn't appropriate for high-quality publications. Machine transcription can be used reliably if human transcriptionists carefully check over the results to ensure they match the original audio—that's what we do.

Our Malayalam language experts have no problem understanding common sayings, colloquialisms, and nonstandard accents. Dialects aren’t an issue, either. Even if your recording is in the Travancore, Central Kerala, or Palakkad dialects, our team can generate a highly precise transcript. For the most professional transcript possible, we’ll assign your task to a transcriptionist particularly familiar with your dialect.

We Pride Ourselves on Our Customizable Transcription Services

Naturally, can transcribe your Malayalam audio or video recording into the native Malayalam script, but we can also transliterate it into the Roman alphabet. Not only that, but we can also translate your transcript into English. We have experience working for clients in academia, business, and a range of other fields, so technical or industry terms aren’t a problem for us. It’s also okay if your audio is of poor quality, features more than one speaker, or contains mumbled speech. Those aren’t obstacles for our professionals.

Don’t settle for subpar transcripts. Enlist the help of the best Malayalam transcription service available. With us, you’ll receive strict confidentiality, and we offer high levels of customization, delivering top-notch transcripts with a variety of turnaround options to choose from to ensure you always meet your deadline. If you’re ready, we’re waiting for your Malayalam audio.

We’ll accept orders from anywhere—from Oklahoma City, El Paso, or Albuquerque, from Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, or Kozhikode, and from more cities around the world.

To get started, order today.

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