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Fort Worth’s Top Audio and Video Transcription Services

Fort Worth

In need of high-quality transcripts from a leading transcription agency?

For those who need highly accurate and professional transcripts, is the natural choice. Since we lead the online transcription industry in both English and over 500 other languages, we take pride in our mission to assist all Fort Worth residents, be they scholars, businesspeople, or other professionals, with their transcription needs. Whether you’re from around the Fort Worth Stockyards or Sundance Square, we’d be thrilled to transcribe your audio, video, or handwritten documents.

What distinguishes us from our competitors is not only our outstanding experience and unrivaled skills but also our human intuition. It’s common in the industry to use speech recognition programs, but these programs tend to produce various inaccuracies. We’re dedicated to quality, so we strictly rely on our human transcriptionists, although that doesn't mean we never use speech-to-text software—we just make sure to have our human transcriptionists painstakingly pore over the results to eradicate any errors. Whether you’re looking for conference transcription, video transcription, or transcription or translation services in a foreign language, we guarantee one of our highly skilled human transcriptionists will do a phenomenal job.

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What kinds of clients are we qualified to serve?

We’re confident that we’re the best transcription service for Fort Worth residents. In fact, we lead the transcription industry in Texas and even the entire United States. Given our expertise and reach, we’ve worked with numerous clients from all walks of life, meaning we can help you no matter who you are.

  • Texas Christian University, Texas Wesleyan University, the University of North Texas Health Science Center—there’s no shortage of prestigious education institutes in Fort Worth. If you’re part of one of these communities, we’d be honored to assist you with your academic transcription needs, whether you need transcription services for lecture notes, recorded conferences, group discussions, or anything else. We’ll have a transcriptionist with knowledge in your field take your order to make sure they understand any specialized terminology.

  • Calling all Cowtown content creators! We offer special services for artists and creatives to facilitate the creation process. We provide video captioning as well as free speaker identification tags and timestamps. Looking to publish your transcript as soon as we deliver it? If you want, we can have our in-house editing team take a look at it to make sure there are no typos or grammatical mistakes.

  • Danish, Korean, Swedish, and many more—Fort Worth residents speak countless languages in addition to English. We couldn’t truly serve the city if we didn’t cater to non-native English speakers, as well. Whether you’re looking for foreign language transcription, translation, or video subtitling, our international team of seasoned transcription and translation professionals provides top-notch services in over 500 languages.

  • If you work in medicine, whether in pathology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, or another specialty, you may often need medical transcription. Luckily for Fort Worth healthcare workers, our talented partner firm, a first-rate medical transcription company that provides transcripts for medical practices everywhere from Downtown Fort Worth to the Stockyards, would be more than happy to assist you.

  • Lawyers and legal professionals in Fort Worth that require transcription for testimonies, sworn declarations, and court proceedings can also benefit from the expertise of our partner agency, a leading legal transcription company that prioritizes confidentiality and accuracy.

  • If you need any transcription services at all, whether for audio, video, or a handwritten document, we can help you!

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Are we really as good as we say?

We offer the utmost flexibility and accuracy. The flexibility comes from our various services—transcription, translation, and proofreading. The accuracy comes from our expert team’s knowledge and familiarity with a multitude of subjects, including economics, sociology, and mathematics. In addition, our team can work with an array of dialects and accents from around the globe, so our transcriptionists will always understand you, even if you’re speaking in a heavy accent about a complicated topic.

Fort Worth, Texas, is home to 854,000 people, and among them are many content creators, scholars, entrepreneurs, and others who need high-quality transcription services. We’re ready to help them all, whether they’re native English speakers or speakers of one of the other 500+ languages we support. We make ordering easy, with a simple pricing plan that doesn’t depend on how complex your content is. The bottom line? We’re easily the best transcription option for Fort Worth.

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