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Superb Audio and Video Transcription in San Jose

Check out the services of San Jose’s most skilled transcriptionists. leads the online transcription sphere, both in English and in more than 500 other languages. Our clients include university students, budding entrepreneurs, entertainers, and others who simply love exploring the wonders of the Winchester Mystery House and the history of the Peralta Adobe. Those in San Jose who need audio, video, or even text to text transcription, our services are right for you.

Our transcriptionists boast more than vast experience and unbeatable skills—they also have sharp minds and human intuition. This makes them considerably more accurate than speech recognition algorithms, which aren't necessarily so precise. However, our transcriptionists can also skillfully go through the results of speech-to-text programs and convert them into high-quality transcripts, a faster way to produce equally accurate transcripts. Our transcriptionists know what they’re doing, so trust us with your podcast transcription, deposition transcription, or transcription and translation in a wide range of non-English languages. Our transcriptionists guarantee precision.

See how little professional transcription services can cost. Get a quote now.

What can we do for you?

We’re the number one audio and video transcription agency in all of San Jose, California, and even the United States for a reason: We offer tons of transcription services, and we consistently deliver our transcripts professionally, accurately, and on time. Do you fall into any of the categories below? We can help you.

  • San Jose boasts a rich academic environment, with such renowned institutes as San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, and International Technological University. We can help students, researchers, and professors with transcripts of recorded lectures, handwritten conference notes, and more. For highly technical or specialized content, we have transcriptionists with knowledge in a wide range of academic fields.

  • For all the content creators in the Capital of Silicon Valley, we offer special transcription services just for you, such as video timestamps and speaker identification tags. Just let us know if you need these, and we’ll add them for free. What about video captions or a professionally proofread final-draft transcript ready for immediate publication? Yes and yes, as we have a professional in-house proofreading team.

  • As the capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose attracts ambitious immigrants from all over the world, bringing languages such as Kazakh, Spanish, and Chinese. We cater to these populations as well, offering transcription and translation services for more than 500 languages, and we can even create video subtitles.

  • From pediatrics, to hematology, to immunology, medicine is a complicated sphere, and its transcripts are equally complicated. Only specially trained transcriptionists are qualified to craft medical transcripts, so we’ve partnered with a medical transcription firm whose transcriptionists are the best in the industry. Our partner can fulfill the needs of healthcare professionals in Downtown San Jose, North San Jose, and everywhere else in this expansive city.

  • Are you a practitioner of the law? Lawyers need transcripts too—constantly. We’re partners with a certified legal transcription firm that delivers the highest-quality legal transcripts in San Jose, with an uncompromising dedication to confidentiality.

  • These are far from the only services we can offer. No matter who you are or what your content is, get in touch with us. We can help everyone in San Jose who needs audio, video, or text transcription.

Once you send us your files, just relax. We’ll have your transcript done in no time.

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We’re a transcription team like no other.

We blow the competition out of the water by offering more than just transcription. Depending on your needs, we can also offer professional proofreading and translation services. Also, since our expert transcriptionists know more than just transcription, with knowledge extending into the fields of sociology, geography, economics, and many more, our team can handle complex content on just about any topic. We’re also familiar with various accents and dialects, meaning we can transcribe any content accurately.

The more than 1,025,000 artists, doctors, scholars, business owners, and others in San Jose, California, deserve the best in transcription services, and that’s exactly what we’re here to deliver. You can access our services regardless of where you live, since our transcription and translation services are available in over 500 languages. When you order transcription services from us, no matter how complicated your audio is, you get a simple pricing model based on recording length and language, never the complexity of your content.

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We want you to be totally comfortable placing an order with us. If you have any doubts, we can offer you a free sample to show you just how skilled our transcriptionists are. Try us out at no charge!

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