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Hausa Transcription Services


Looking for the most skilled Hausa transcriptionists? You’ve found us! The Hausa transcription experts at are unrivaled in skill, delivering extremely accurate and professionally formatted transcripts time after time. Simply put, they’re masters of transcribing Hausa audio into flowing text in either Hausa or English. No other transcription service can deliver such top-notch transcripts in the most spoken Chadic language.

If you’d like first-rate Hausa transcription services, order now.

We’re Your Hausa Transcription Experts

It’s impressive enough that Hausa boasts 85,000,000 native speakers, but because Hausa is the primary lingua franca of eastern West Africa, the number of speakers nearly doubles to a whopping 150,000,000 when non-native speakers are considered. Hausa is primarily spoken in Nigeria and Niger as well as areas of Cameroon and Chad, and smaller Hausa communities exist around the globe.

Would you like to extend the reach of your Hausa audio or video? can help. With our precise transcripts in your choice of Hausa or English, you’ll be able to spread your message far and wide. We transcribe audio for a wide range of purposes—everything from qualitative research studies, to enhanced search engine optimization, to elevated accessibility to services, to education materials, and more.

A Reliable Hausa Transcript Requires Skilled Human Transcriptionists

Many, many people learn Hausa, but software doesn’t. Though advanced speech-to-text software may appear to understand Hausa, in reality, it can’t. Machine-created Hausa transcripts are often inaccurate and riddled with errors, but if a human transcription expert checks them over, they're just as accurate as those produced entirely by humans. Machine-generated Hausa transcripts are convenient—so convenient, in fact, that some of our competitors forgo human experts altogether. We value quality, so when we use machines in our Hausa transcription work, we strictly ensure the results are always meticulously verified by human experts, down to the finest details.

Our transcriptionists have vast knowledge of Hausa, extending to obscure Hausa idioms, budding slang expressions, and irregular accents. In addition, they’re familiar with many different dialects—for example, they understand Kano Hausa, Western Hausa, Northern Hausa, and others. If your audio clip is in a particular dialect, we can even assign a specialist of that dialect to make sure you receive the most accurate transcript possible.


We Let You Customize Your Hausa Transcript

Since Hausa is widely spoken across a large area spanning various countries, it can be written in multiple ways. We can transcribe your Hausa recording using the Latin alphabet, if you wish, or we can compose the text in Ajami, an Arabic script. Whether your audio or video is for scholarly, professional, or interpersonal purposes, we can help.

If you prefer, instead of receiving your transcript in Hausa, we can translate your content into English, as well. Worried we won’t be able to understand your recording because of low audio quality, numerous speakers, or a difficult subject? Don’t fret. We’re experts, and we can handle it.

If you value quality, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will we customize your transcript to fit your specific needs, keeping the content confidential, but we’ll also deliver your transcript swiftly to make sure you never miss a deadline. All you have to do is send your audio or video file and leave the rest to us.

We’ve worked with clients in Dallas, Portland, LA, and countless other places in the United States and around the world, and we’ve transcribed Hausa recordings from Kano, Sokoto, Katsina, and other cities.

To receive our top-notch Hausa transcription services, order now.

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