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Finnish Transcription Services


If you’re seeking professional transcription services for your Finnish audio or video, we’re here for you. is proud to work with an exceptional team of transcriptionists and translators, and they’re unparalleled experts when it comes to converting Finnish audio into the written word. The bottom line? We promise top-notch, exceptionally accurate transcripts of Finnish audio or video in either Finnish or English text.

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The Best Online Finnish Transcriptionists

Finnish is not the biggest language. Only 5,510,000 people call it their mother tongue, and an additional 300,000 people have buckled down to study this notoriously complicated language as L2 learners. Though Finnish speakers primarily hail from Finland and parts of Sweden, the language is also spoken by small Finnish communities in various places around the globe. Would you like to disseminate your Finnish message to a broader audience? With our transcripts, you can achieve that.

Finnish transcripts can be used for qualitative research, business promotion, educational material, or simply an expanded reach. Here at, we’ll turn your Finnish audio or video into professionally formatted Finnish text. Or, if you’d like to reach an even broader audience, we can also provide a translated English transcript.

Machines Can Help—But Humans Oversee All Our Finnish Transcription Work

Transcription is difficult, especially in a language as complicated as Finnish. Automated speech-to-text conversion software has its applications, and one of them is creating a rudimentary transcript that professional human transcriptionists can use as a base, carefully revising the mistakes and inaccuracies of the machine to produce an exquisitely accurate transcript. While some agencies may entrust the complicated task of Finnish transcription to software without exerting the necessary human effort to revise the transcripts for quality, here at, quality is our number one priority.

Our Finnish transcriptionists are at the top of the industry. No one knows the Finnish language like they do, as experts in Finnish sayings, casual expressions, and various accents. Don’t worry about where your clip was recorded, because our transcriptionists understand all Finnish dialects, from Southwestern, to Savonian, to Southeastern, and beyond. Some of our transcriptionists are fluent in particular dialects, so we guarantee precision.

We’ll Customize Your Finnish Transcript to Your Liking

Our team is extensively experienced, which means they can expertly transform your Finnish audio into text, no matter the subject. Academia? Business? Education? Something else? We’ve already satisfied clients in all these areas. In addition to varied subject matter and the obscure technical terms that may accompany some content, our outstanding transcriptionists can superbly handle recordings featuring multiple speakers or background noise. For any topic and any audio or video, we’ll provide you with a professional transcript in Finnish, or, if you choose, we’ll translate the content to deliver a highly accurate English transcript.

We want to provide you with the best Finnish transcription services you can find. We promise the ultimate customization and confidentiality, so you can rest assured your recording is safe. Worried about deadlines? Don’t be. Our wide range of turnaround options guarantees the timely delivery of your professional transcript every time. Ready to get started? Just send us your file.

It doesn’t matter whether your audio was recorded in Helsinki, Espoo, or Tampere or sent from Fresno, Washington, Portland, or any other city on the planet. We transcribe audio for clients worldwide.

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