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Find Great Transcription Services in Arlington, Texas

Let us show you why we’re Arlington’s top transcription service.

It’s easy to say you’re the best transcription service in Arlington when you lead the online transcription industry in both English and foreign language transcription. Our transcriptionists, who hail from around the world, work hard to meet the high standards of Arlington professionals, lawyers, researchers, doctors, and more, carefully transcribing their audio files, video clips, and handwritten content. Our services extend through the depths of Cedar Hill State Park and the heights of the New Texas Giant, bringing you high-quality transcripts at the speed of a thrilling roller coaster.

We care about quality, so we're dedicated to leveraging human expertise to create our transcripts. That doesn't mean we never use speech-to-text software—we may employ it to make our job a bit more efficient. Yes, the cold machine algorithms in speech-recognition software lack the human common sense to accurately transcribe audio and video clips, creating transcripts with avoidable errors, but if our human transcription experts carefully review the results, you wind up with as accurate a transcript as ever. If you care about quality in your transcripts, you’ll want to involve human transcriptionists, and ours are the best in class.

Ordering transcription is the first step toward your goal.

We’re here to help everyone in Arlington.

We’re a highly flexible transcription agency open to working with clients from all walks of life. We’ve already worked with students, entrepreneurs, creatives, and more to create the transcripts they needed to move forward. They’ve come from all over Arlington, Texas, and the US, so we’re sure we can help you, too.

  • We’re passionate about helping scholars at the forefront of new frontiers of knowledge at the University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington Baptist University, Texas Wesleyan University, and more. To these ambitious academics, we offer our academic transcription services, tailored for their recordings of lectures, group discussions, and conferences. With specialized transcriptionists who know your field, you can count on quality and accuracy.

  • Our transcriptionists thrive when helping Arlington content creators transcribe their videos, podcasts, and other creative material. We love adding closed captions to great videos to increase the reach to non-native English speakers and those who are hard of hearing. We even throw speaker identification and timestamps into our creative transcripts for free to add more value and help artists flourish.

  • We’re committed to accommodating as many Arlington residents as possible, including those who don’t speak English as a native language. With a selection of more than 500 different languages, speakers of most major languages can benefit from transcription services in their own language. Our offering covers Spanish, Thai, Estonian, and much more—and extends to video subtitles if you want them.

  • We know how important it is to support the hardworking medical professionals whose brave efforts keep Arlington safe. However, the complexity of medical fields like oncology, internal medicine, and pathology prevent most transcriptionists from working in medical transcription. That’s why we’ve partnered with a medical transcription company—with our partner, your medical transcription needs are covered.

  • Legal professionals all across Arlington need reliable transcription services to keep their practices moving, but since legal transcription demands a high level of legal knowledge, few transcriptionists can provide it. Our legal transcription partners are some of the best in the legal transcription agency, so we’d be happy to introduce you and help you get the legal transcription you need.

  • Don’t think you have to fall into one of these categories. Our transcription services are available to everyone in Arlington, no matter the content of their audio or video recordings or handwritten notes.

Make your move and order transcription services today.

We built the best transcription team with you in mind.

​Here at, we marry transcription excellency with a deep knowledge of other subjects—from economics to psychology to geology—to build a well-rounded, high-quality transcription team. For each order we receive, we carefully select the optimal transcriptionist to handle the job.

​Boasting a population of almost 400,000, Arlington houses many people who need top-quality transcripts—whether for their academic pursuits, their up-and-coming startups, their innovative and daring creative content, and more. With us, they know they can count on high-quality transcription services, translation services, and proofreading services, with flexibility to accommodate their unique needs. And they know it won’t break the bank—we charge competitive rates in a fair and transparent pricing model that doesn’t fluctuate based on audio quality.

​Put us to work today with a transcription order.

Are we worth it? Put us to the test.

​You don’t have to spend any money yet—try a free sample to see if we’re worth your hard-earned money. Many other Arlington residents think so, and we believe you will too when you see our work.

Order your free sample now.

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