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Urdu Transcription Services

Urdu.jpg is proud to offer the best Urdu transcription services available online. We boast a team of highly skilled transcriptionists and translators who work hard to create precise and professionally formatted Urdu transcripts. No matter what your transcription needs are, our team will meet them with a high-quality transcript in Urdu, the Persianized standard register of the Hindustani language.

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Let Experts Handle Your Urdu Transcript

Urdu is a major language, with about 69,170,000 native speakers and a grand total of 163,210,000 speakers worldwide when second language learners are taken into account. The primary areas where Urdu is used are Pakistan and parts of India, but Urdu-speaking communities exist across the globe.

Do you have an Urdu message you’d like to spread? Let us help. We’ll generate a highly professional transcript of your Urdu audio or video in either Urdu or English. With our transcripts, you can achieve any number of goals, so whether you’re performing ethnographic research, promoting your company, enhancing access to your services, or producing an educational documentary, use our professional transcripts to help get the job done.

If You Want an Accurate Transcript, You Need a Human Transcriptionist

Machines don’t understand human languages nearly to the degree that humans do. Their extremely complicated algorithms can give them the false appearance of understanding, but any time a program attempts to transcribe Urdu, the result is a far cry from what a skilled human can deliver. However, these programs can actually be remarkably useful. Machine transcription is accurate when thoroughly checked by a human professional, and our team abounds with professional human Urdu transcriptionists.

Our transcriptionists are so talented that even the trickiest Urdu sayings, slang terms, and nonstandard accents can’t trip them up. Dialects? Urdu has several, including Dakhni, Khariboli, and Rekhta, to name just a few. However, dialects pose no problem to experienced professionals like us. We have experts in particular dialects on our team, so for the ultimate precision, we’ll allocate your transcript to someone fluent in your dialect.

The Ultimate in Flexibility and Speed

We can generate your Urdu transcript in a number of different ways—just specify what you’d like us to do. We can compose it in the Arabic script, as the language is traditionally written, or we can transliterate it into the Latin alphabet. Moreover, instead of producing a transcript only in Urdu, we can translate it into English, as well.


Do we work with people in your field? We can confidently answer yes. Given our previous experience with academics, businesspeople, and professionals from every imaginable field, we’re well acquainted with a variety of sectors and are confident we can satisfy your expectations. Additionally, you don’t have to fret even if your recording contains background noise, poor audio quality, or various speakers. We’re experts, so there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Don’t settle for subpar transcripts from subpar transcriptionists. Hire the best in the industry for the best results. Our extremely flexible and confidential Urdu transcripts are guaranteed to help you make the most of your content. In addition, the numerous turnaround options we offer ensure your project stays on schedule, no matter your timeline. Want to get started? Just send us your audio today.

Wherever you are in the world, we can help. We’ve worked with clients from Portland, LA, and Houston to Delhi (India), Lahore (Pakistan), and Kanpur (India).

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