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Great Audio and Video Transcripts: Plano, Texas

We’re your key to the best transcripts in Texas.

Have you been searching for the best transcription service on the web? We understand you have specific transcription needs, whether you’re an academic with handwritten notes from lectures or conferences, a business owner who needs to transcribe a recorded meeting, or a marketer who needs video closed captions for extra accessibility. No matter who you are, you’ve found the solution:! We offer specialized transcription services in English and many foreign languages alike, available to clients all across Plano, Texas. We know you love quiet nature walks at Arbor Hills Nature Park and family outings to the Crayola Experience Plano, and our transcription services free up more time for you to enjoy them.

Our secret to ensuring high quality is our reliance on human expertise. Unfortunately, many transcription agencies have forgone the human touch in favor of speech-to-text programs, despite their notorious inaccuracies. This technology is indeed useful, but only when teamed with human transcriptionists to check them over and guarantee accuracy—which is precisely what we do. With us, you have a guarantee that your transcript will always be verified by skilled humans.

We’re ready to help—just order your transcript today.

Choose quality and flexibility—choose

Why do clients from all over Plano trust our transcriptionists to deliver the transcription quality they’re seeking? Simple—we offer a wide range of tailored services thanks to our flexible, well-rounded team, drawing in clients from all around Texas and the rest of the US.

  • Looking for academic transcripts? Whether you study, research, or teach at the University of Texas at Dallas, Lucent University, or Dallas Baptist University North, our academic transcriptionists can help you—regardless of your field. That’s because our transcriptionists specialize in a range of disciplines and are familiar with all sorts of esoteric terminology.

  • Seeking entertainment transcripts? We serve Plano creatives making podcasts, YouTube videos, and more. We offer our specialized video captions service, which can help make your video accessible to those who are hard of hearing, non-native English speakers, and viewers who can’t play audio at the time. In entertainment transcripts, we can also throw in speaker ID and timestamps for free.

  • Want transcripts of content in a non-English language? We have you covered. Plano is a popular destination for immigrants who want to be close to the excitement of Dallas while enjoying a quieter life in a smaller city. This means lots of languages—including Spanish, Chinese, and Nepali—have found strong footing in Plano. We serve more than 500 languages—and we can make subtitles too!

  • Need high-quality medical transcripts? You’re in luck, because we’ve partnered with the top medical transcription company in the industry. This means that any Plano residents with transcription needs in any medical specialty—be it anesthesiology, oncology, urology, or something else—can turn to us for an introduction to our partner.

  • In need of reliable legal transcripts in Plano? Let us introduce you to our superb legal transcription partner. Our partner is at the top of the industry, providing the highest standards of precision and confidentiality in the legal transcription landscape. They serve lawyers from Plano East to Willow Bend, so reach out any time.

  • Searching for transcription of your audio, video, or handwritten documents for any purpose, whether listed above or not? Turn to us!

Set the process in motion—we’re ready for your transcription order.

Our carefully selected team is working just for you.

You don’t rise to the top with a lackluster team. We’ve put significant effort into building the best transcription team in the industry, replete with seasoned transcription experts with additional knowledge across a range of fields. So, if you have technical language in your clip, you don’t have to worry.

Plano has more than 290,000 inhabitants, which, yes, is a lot. That means the city is brimming with transcription needs, and it needs a company with the best qualifications and experience to take care of them. That’s where comes in—our services are tailored to suit clients in many different areas and are available in more than 500 languages. We only work with human transcriptionists, and we charge fair, competitive prices that don’t punish you for poor audio quality.

Send us your clip and order your first transcript!

Why not see our work yourself?

If you’d prefer to be cautious, we understand. After all, you want to make sure you’re entrusting your clip to the right team. So, why not order a free sample and verify that we’re the best choice? We’re happy to show you our skills.

This is your chance to get a free, no-obligation sample.

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