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Mandarin Transcription Services

English is the most spoken language in the world, but only when you count the more than 1 billion second-language speakers. When it comes to native speakers, Mandarin dwarves all other languages, clocking in at a whopping 910,000,000 native speakers. It’s the primary language of China and the official language of Taiwan, with a strong foothold in nearby countries like Singapore and Malaysia. And then there’s all the overseas Chinese communities that render Mandarin a truly global language. We at are here to provide top-notch transcription services for Mandarin.

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The World’s Best Mandarin Transcriptionists, At Your Fingertips

Given that Mandarin boasts nearly a billion native speakers, the pool of talented Mandarin transcriptionists is massive. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to scout out the best in the business, bringing you the top Mandarin transcriptionists from all over China, Taiwan, and the rest of the world. We work with a variety of dialects within Mandarin, with our transcriptionists representing vernaculars from Beijing, Hubei, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Yunnan, Sichuan, and other Chinese provinces, as well as Taiwanese Mandarin.

Mandarin is also unique in that it features two standardized writing systems: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese is used across Mainland China as well as Singapore and Malaysia, whereas Traditional Chinese is the standardized writing system in Taiwan. Mandarin-speaking immigrant communities around the world may use either. So, a great Mandarin transcription service must offer both Simplified and Traditional Chinese—and we do! Whether you need Mandarin transcription services to seize business opportunities, advance your academic goals, take your creative project to the next level, or something else, our diverse and highly trained team of Mandarin transcriptionists are ready to help.

Get the Best Mandarin Transcripts by Combining Human Accuracy with Machine Speed

Nowadays, AI technology is all the talk. Indeed, AI is getting more and more impressive, including in the realm of transcription. But it just can’t rival a trained human transcriptionist, especially when it comes to more technical subject matter. Speech-to-text software can produce a basic transcript of decent quality, but it’s likely to feature silly errors a human transcriptionist would never make, so the technology isn’t appropriate if you’re looking for precision. But if you combine the speed of automated transcription with the skills and intuition of a human transcriptionist, you get a faster and cheaper transcript with minimal erosion of quality. That’s why we offer a hybrid transcription model for our Mandarin transcription services, although a 100% human-generated option is also available to anyone who prefers to avoid AI.

Another key area that our Mandarin transcriptionists beat AI in is their ability to adapt to the plasticity of language. Mandarin is teeming with idioms, slang, nonstandard accents and colloquialisms, and more, and speech recognition software can struggle with these less institutionalized forms of language. And when it comes to highly technical topics with esoteric vocabulary and language usage, speech-to-text programs tend to get confused. Our Mandarin transcriptionists are well versed in all aspects of Mandarin, from different dialects to the latest slang terms. Plus, we hire subject-matter experts in various fields, which ensures that we can transcribe your technical content accurately.

Mandarin Transcription Services The Way You Want Them

Not only can our transcriptionists handle various dialects, accents, and subject matters in Mandarin, but they can also adopt different orthographies and writing standards for the final output. Always let us know whether you’re looking for Simplified or Traditional Chinese—we accommodate both. But that’s not all—we can even transcribe your audio or video clip into pinyin, a Latin-based orthography for Mandarin, with or without the diacritics (tone markers). Clients from Taiwan or marketing to Taiwan may be interested in transcription into Bopomofo (also known as Zhuyin or Mandarin Phonetic Symbols), a native phonetic alphabet useful for children or language learners—we can do that, too. Finally, if you're looking for transcription services for other Chinese languages, such as Cantonese, we also offer that!

What if you actually want your transcript in English, not Mandarin? No problem! We also have tons of talented translators on our team who can translate the spoken Mandarin in your audio or video clip into an English transcript. And if your clip features poor-quality audio, background noise, or multiple speakers, don’t worry—our transcriptionists are trained to deal with these challenges.

At, we take pride in the quality of our Mandarin transcription services. We aim to provide a well-rounded transcription service that offers precision, flexibility, speed, and affordability, adjusting our services to meet each client’s individual needs. Whatever you’re looking for in Mandarin transcription services, our team is here to help.

We work with clients from all over the world, so whether you’re in Beijing, Taipei, Shanghai, Singapore, Shenzhen, Taichung, Kuala Lumpur, New York City, or anywhere else, send us your Mandarin transcription project!

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