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San Antonio’s Top Audio and Video Transcription Provider

San Antonio

Seeking accurate online transcription services? is the leading transcription agency, whether you’re looking for transcription in English or in a foreign language. We work with students, business leaders, and other professionals all over San Antonio, from the Alamo to Fort Sam Houston. What sort of material do you have? From audio, to video, to handwritten documents, we can transcribe it all.

Our transcriptionists have the knowledge and experience to help out all clients, whether you’re looking to transcribe a lecture, a sermon, or anything else. It doesn’t even have to be in English, as we can transcribe and translate more than 500 languages. No matter what you send our way, we’ll use our unmatched expertise to deliver a top-notch transcript—whether it's been fully produced from scratch by a human or initially generated by a machine but evaluated by one of our human experts with the utmost care.

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People all over San Antonio, Texas, and even the entire United States trust us to deliver the best transcription solutions available, and we’re confident we’re the right transcription agency for the job. We’re proud to serve a variety of clients:

  • If you study, research, or teach at Texas A&M University-San Antonio, the University of Texas at San Antonio, or St. Mary’s University, you’ll likely need academic transcription. We can transcribe the notes you scribbled down during your lecture or the group discussion you recorded, and we’ll assign your project to an expert transcriptionist with a background in your field.

  • If you’re an artist or content creator in Alamo City, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our transcription services for creatives. We can add timestamps or identify multiple speakers with podcast and video transcription, and we can even provide video captions. If you have content you’d like to publish immediately, we can write up a final draft and have it checked rigorously by our in-house proofreading team.

  • Japanese, Serbian, and Bengali are just a handful of the many languages one might encounter in diverse San Antonio, which is home to many who don’t speak English as a native language but still require transcription services. We can transcribe and translate approximately 500 languages from around this vast world, and we can also add subtitles to videos in foreign languages.

  • Healthcare professionals in oncology, anesthesiology, obstetrics and gynecology, and more often require medical transcripts. To address this need, we’ve established a partnership with San Antonio’s best medical transcription agency, which has been crafting industry-leading medical transcripts for years for medical practitioners from Downtown San Antonio to Alamo Heights.

  • In no profession is the need for transcription higher than in law. We understand that only specially trained transcriptionists are qualified to tackle complicated and highly technical legal vocabulary, so we’ve partnered with a firm that delivers the best legal transcripts in San Antonio to meet your needs.

  • Don’t see yourself in any of the above areas? That’s okay—these are just examples. If you have audio, video, or handwritten documents to be transcribed, allow us to help!

All you need to do is send your files to our team. Why not get the transcription process started?

We blow the competition out of the water.

We offer more than just transcription. Depending on your needs, our phenomenal team can also proofread your transcript or even translate it. For complex subject matter, we boast experts in political science, economics, chemistry, and much more, ensuring your transcription order will be handled by a professional transcriptionist familiar with your topic. We’re also able to transcribe a range of dialects and accents, meaning a high level of precision with every order. Put simply, we let nothing get in the way of quality.

Given all that, it’s clear why we’re the go-to transcription solution for the 1,493,000 residents of San Antonio, Texas, whether they’re content creators, medical professionals, students, entrepreneurs, or anyone else. Our talented international team can transcribe and translate more than 500 languages from far and wide, too. Finally, we adopt a price per audio minute that never increases based on the difficulty of your recording.

Our team is just itching to start working on your transcript. Submit a transcription order now to put them to work.

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If we haven’t quite convinced you yet, that’s okay. You haven’t actually seen our work yet, after all! Let’s change that with a quick transcription sample for free. We just know you’ll be excited about our services once you see what we can do.

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