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Bengali Transcription Services


Here at, our priority is delivering top-notch Bengali transcripts. If you have audio or video in Bengali that you wish to have transcribed, our team of professional transcriptionists and translators are at your service. Extensively experienced in transcribing various non-English languages, our international team is here to provide high-quality, precise, properly formatted transcripts in Bengali, or Bangla, as it’s known by some.

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We Know Bengali Transcription

An impressive 242,660,000 people learn Bengali as their first language, and approximately an additional 19,000,000 learn it as a second language, making it the eighth-most spoken language in the world, at 261,860,000 global speakers. The language is widely spoken across Bangladesh and certain parts of India and South Asia, but sizeable Bangladeshi communities also exist around the globe.

We at wish to help you spread your message to the hundreds of millions of Bengali speakers—or the billion and a half English speakers—by professionally transcribing your audio or video. Looking to perform qualitative research, to improve your company’s SEO efforts, to create an educational video, or simply to spread your message to a wider audience? We provide transcripts for all these purposes and more.

Pairing Human Accuracy With Machine Speed

Some transcription services claim to offer Bengali transcription but then simply use automated speech-to-text software without getting human transcriptionists to check the results. Whenever we use machine transcription, we strictly ensure our human experts verify the accuracy. Without this crucial human intuition, speech recognition technology lags behind, making for inaccurate transcripts. At, we highly value quality, so we use only the most skilled human transcriptionists to ensure our transcripts are always accurate, whether created entirely by humans or reviewed by humans after machine generation.

Well acquainted with the intricacies of the Bengali language, our top-notch transcriptionists can navigate nonstandard accents, idioms, and colloquialisms to deliver transcripts with the utmost precision. Is your audio in Bangali, Rarhi, Varendri, or another dialect? Don’t worry, because we can handle any dialect, as well. We have transcriptionists fluent in various Bengali dialects who can ensure the utmost accuracy of your transcript.

Bengali Transcription How and When You Want It

We will customize our transcription services to fit your specific needs. Would you prefer the native Bengali script or a transliteration using the Latin alphabet? We can do either! At, we produce transcripts for scholars, businesspeople, and other private clients, so we’re experienced in transcribing a wide array of content. Our extensively talented team can handle suboptimal audio quality, numerous speakers, and technical terminology, and we even offer translation from Bengali to English to produce a high-quality English text.

If you want top-notch Bengali transcription, amateurs won’t get the job done. Turn to seasoned professionals for the ultimate precision, flexibility, and confidentiality. And if you’re under pressure from an urgent deadline, we have you covered: We work fast. Do you have your audio or video file ready to send us? That’s all you have to do.

You can enjoy our services from anywhere in the world, be it Houston, Seattle, or Charlotte, and your transcription files can hail from Dhaka (Bangladesh), Chittagong (Bangladesh), Kolkata (India), or anywhere else. We emphasize flexibility—our services are available to anyone.

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