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Here’s where Ohioans come for the best transcripts.

While it may not quite boast the population of California, New York, or Florida, Ohio is nonetheless one of the most populous states in the US, and that means it’s filled with ambitious and hardworking scholars, business leaders, and content producers who push society forward in different ways. The many good people who call Ohio home have lots to enjoy in the Buckeye State, such as the West Side Market or the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, as well as the state’s natural wonders at Hocking Hills State Park or Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We love Ohio, too—that’s why we’re so passionate about providing transcription services to the state’s academics, entrepreneurs, artists, and others, in any language and for any content.

The rapid development of technology is facilitating various aspects of life, and that includes transcription. As professional transcriptionists, we’re fans of the emerging speech recognition software—it’s certainly not accurate enough to work as a replacement for human transcriptionists, but it helps us work quickly by generating a base that we can build from. This is how our human-machine hybrid transcription model works, and it saves you time and money—but you can always opt for our 100% human-generated model, if you prefer!


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People from all over Ohio trust our team with their transcription projects.

Ohio’s large population is divided across several major cities in the Midwestern state, and we’re proud to serve the residents of Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, and Dayton. But we’re not limited to Ohio’s biggest cities: Ohioans from anywhere in the Buckeye State can reach out to us if they have any recordings or handwritten documents they’d like transcribed, regardless of the field.

  • Are you breaking new ground as a student, professor, or researcher at one of Ohio’s renowned post-secondary education institutes, such as the Ohio State University, Ohio University, the University of Cincinnati, Oberlin College, or Kent State University? If you have any audio or video recordings, or handwritten notes, that you’d like professionally transcribed, you can turn to our team of academic transcriptionists. Trained in a variety of subjects, our transcriptionists have both the transcription skills and technical knowledge to handle your work with care and precision.

  • Are you creating innovative new content for the people of Ohio and elsewhere? Perhaps you’re working on a feature-length film, an educational documentary, an entertaining online video, or a casual independent podcast. Whatever your creation, we have your transcription needs covered, and we’ll even add extras like timestamps and speaker identification tags for free. Want to broaden your audience with subtitles or closed captions? Those are further offerings from our team!

  • Are you one of Ohio’s many speakers of a non-English language? The Buckeye State has attracted a lot of immigrants, which has resulted in a plethora of foreign languages spoken in the state, such as Spanish, Yiddish, Pennsylvania Dutch, Mandarin, Arabic, German, Nepali, French, Amharic, and more. If you speak one of these languages, don’t worry—we’re here for you! We offer transcription (and even translation!) services in all these languages and many more.

  • Are you a healthcare worker in Ohio? Whether you’re working in pathology, urology, or immunology, medicine is an extremely tricky field, and transcription precision can sometimes make the difference between life and death. So, medical transcriptionists must really understand the medical niche they’re working with. At the medical transcription firm we’ve partnered with, team members are specially trained in various subfields, offering meticulous and confidential medical transcripts.

  • Are you a practitioner of the law in Ohio? Like medical transcription, legal transcription is extremely tricky, with only dedicated subject-matter experts qualified to carry about this tricky job. Our partner legal transcription company hires legal transcriptionists who are experts in copyright law, corporate law, immigration law, and other subfields, which allows Ohioan legal professionals easy access to reliable legal transcription services in various specialties.

  • If you don’t fit into any of these categories, don’t feel left out—we can still help you! Fundamentally, we can help any Ohioan, so just send your recording or handwritten materials our way!


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Our transcriptionists hail from all around the world.

We’ve traveled far and wide to bring you the best transcriptionists from all over the world. So, while you’ll find some home-grown Ohioans populating our transcription team, you’ll also find transcriptionists from faraway lands, representing a huge selection of English varieties and even foreign languages. We’ve made sure to hire transcriptionists who know more than just transcription—with subject-matter experts in a variety of disciplines, we can cater to the needs of clients from all sorts of fields.

Our team is proud to serve the 11.7 million people who live and work in Ohio, pursuing all sorts of noble projects that can improve the lives of Ohioans and others around the world. Indeed, Ohio’s researchers, business owners, content creators, medical professionals, and legal practitioners are producing fantastic work, and our transcription team is here to help them, with flexible, reliable, and affordable transcription services whenever they need them.

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Let us prove our worth—for free.

Are we good enough to take on your project? Instead of taking a chance, why not opt for a free sample so you can verify our suitable for your project yourself? We’re confident you’ll be pleased, which is why we happily offer free samples to anyone who requests them.


Our free samples come with no strings attached, so send us a message now if you’d like one!

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