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Cincinnati Audio and Video Transcription Services

Are you tired of looking for accurate transcription services?

Your search for the leading online English and foreign language transcription service ends now. Our clients in Cincinnati, from the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens to the Ohio River Trail, know we’re the go-to service for high-quality transcription of audio, video, and handwritten content.

Accurate transcription isn’t possible with speech-to-text software—only with experienced and skilled human transcriptionists like the team at However, that doesn't mean the technology can't be used as a base! We like to use it to generate a "rough draft" that makes the real transcription work for our human transcriptionists a bit faster. Our results will exceed your expectations, meaning that instead of worrying about the quality of your transcripts, you can focus on what you do best, whether that’s completing your master’s degree or running a business.


Take the first step and leave the details to us. Order our transcription services.

Now, how can we serve you?

Your transcription needs are the top priority of our superb team. We’re simply your best option for audio and video transcription services in Cincinnati, Ohio, or anywhere in the United States.

  • Students, researchers, and faculty, we can provide academic transcription for your lectures, interview notes, or dissertation discussions. We work with clients from across Cincinnati’s fine campuses, including the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, and we’ll make sure your project is assigned to a transcriptionist familiar with your field of study.


  • Content creators, you’re a great match for our services because you likely need timestamped video transcripts or captions. We provide free speaker identification, as well, for creative folks in the Queen City.

  • Healthcare professionals, whether your field is dermatology or oncology, you likely need quality medical transcription. We partner with a company that specializes in this highly technical skill so we can meet your needs.

  • Legal professionals, you may need access to a trusted transcriptionist who knows legal terminology from A to Z. Our partner is a certified legal transcription firm that does a great job maintaining strict confidentiality while creating polished transcripts of everything from depositions to courtroom proceedings.

  • Anyone else, you may have dictated notes or written content you’d like turned into a first-draft transcript. We’re the folks you can depend on.

Follow the two-step process: Send files, and relax. Order your first transcript.

We’re good and not afraid to admit it.

Not only are our transcriptionists skilled and intuitive, but they have a broad range of knowledge about subjects such as history, anthropology, and music theory. We’ll ensure your project gets into the hands of a team member familiar with your industry or field of study.

We’re setting the standard for audio and video transcription services among the nearly 300,000 people of Cincinnati, Ohio, from students, to content creators, to business professionals and public service representatives. We work in English and more than 500 other languages, and we make the process as easy as possible for you, with a pricing structure that doesn’t increase for complex content.

If you’re ready to start, we’re here to serve. Order transcription services now.

We’d be happy to provide a sample of our work.

If you’re not quite ready to commit, we offer a free sample of our work before you place an order so you can see our skill for yourself. In the meantime, we’ll look forward to creating high-quality transcripts of your audio, video, and written content.


Order a free sample.

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