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Serving Florida With Our Top-Notch Transcription Services

Floridians: Turn to us for the best transcription services in the state.

With a huge population, a wealth of natural beauty, exquisite beaches, and a never-ending supply of sunshine, Florida is one of the most-visited states in the US. It’s no wonder, with Florida hosting the world-famous Disney World and SeaWorld Orlando. Everglades National Park also gives visitors a peek of Florida’s natural wonders, and Siesta Beach offers pristine white sand fading into the gentle waves of the Gulf of Mexico. Countless researchers, business owners, content creators, and more call Florida home, and we at are here to help them move ahead with high-quality transcripts—regardless of their language, subject matter, or project.

Speech recognition software is a hot topic in the transcription industry these days, so let us give you our take: this technology is fascinating, but it just can’t compete with human expertise. But it is much faster than humans, which is why we like to generate a base transcript with speech-to-text algorithms and then have our human transcriptionists meticulously read it over to mold it into a professional transcript. This will give you a cheaper transcript at a quicker turnaround—but you can also opt for a 100% human-generated transcript, if you prefer.


We’re eager to help either way—so place an order for transcription services today!


Our many different transcription specializations for the diverse people of Florida

Florida’s population is spread out across major cities around the state, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and the capital of Tallahassee. At, we serve academics, business professionals, creatives, and many others in these cities and others all across Florida.

  • As one of the most populous states in the US, Florida boasts a wealth of reputable universities, including the University of Florida, Florida State University, the University of South Florida, and the University of Central Florida. Our academic transcriptionists are proud to provide tailored transcription services to the students, professors, and researchers at these fine institutes, no matter the field. Since our transcriptionists are specialized in everything from computer science to literature, we can easily navigate the technical terminology in different disciplines.

  • Floridians create a wealth of creative content—whether it’s professional filmmakers and documentarians or independent creators producing smaller-scale videos or podcasts. Whatever you’re working on, our transcription team can help—we’ll even add timestamps and speaker identification to our transcripts for free. Maybe you’d like subtitles or closed captions to attract more diverse audiences, and our team can provide these specialized services, as well.

  • English is the most common language in Florida, but actually, the state is quite multilingual, incorporating speakers of many different languages. A large portion of Floridians speak Spanish, with smaller minorities speaking Haitian Creole, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Arabic, and more. If you have audio clips or video footage in any of these languages (or others), you can still reach out to us for transcription, since we work with hundreds of languages. We can even translate your foreign-language material into an English transcript, if you want!

  • All over Florida are medical professionals specializing in a wide range of medical niches—everything from obstetrics and gynecology to emergency medicine. Medical transcription is often necessary to support their efforts, but accuracy is crucial, which means medical transcriptionists must be specially trained in different healthcare subfields. We’ve partnered with a leader in the medical transcription space to bring you the best medical transcriptionists in Florida—just contact us for an introduction.

  • From criminal law and copyright law to family law and immigration law, lawyers face just as many difficulties as healthcare workers in locating reliable transcription services for their various niches. Accuracy and confidentiality are key in legal transcription, so we’ve partnered with a top-ranked legal transcription firm to make sure Florida’s legal professionals have access to the specialized legal transcription services they need.

  • Calling all Floridians: if you have any audio file, video clip, or handwritten note you’d like to have professionally transcribed, our team is here for you. Whether you fit into any of the above categories or not, reach out to us!


If you want a top-notch transcript, you know what to do—place an order now!


Let us introduce you to our incredible team of transcriptionists.

Our team is filled with fellow Floridians who are specialized in the art of transcription, hailing from all over the Sunshine State. They work alongside colleagues from all over 50 states, as well as countries all across the world. So, even if you’re looking for transcription for an obscure English dialect or a less-spoken foreign language, our diverse team can likely accommodate your unique needs. The same goes for subject matter—we have specialists in just about any field you can think of.

With more than 22 million people residing in Florida, the state is more populous than many independent countries. Serving the diverse transcription needs of Floridians isn’t easy, but it’s important and rewarding work that we’re proud to perform. With us, you can get high-quality, accurate, flexible transcripts at a reasonable price, billed based on a simple and transparent pricing model—simply put, we’re the best transcription service in Florida.

Take your work to the next step by ordering our professional transcription services.


See our skills up close—for free!

We understand if you’re hesitant to place a paid order without seeing our transcription work for yourself. So, why don’t you send us the material you want transcribed—an audio recording, video clip, or handwritten document—and we’ll send back a brief free sample? Then you’ll have the confidence to proceed with a paid order, if you so wish.


Request a free sample today and see what our transcriptionists can do for you!

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