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Haitian Creole Transcription Services

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Our highly skilled team of transcriptionists stands ready to convert your Haitian Creole audio and video to text. If you are looking for such a service, our team of international experts can produce accurate, professionally formatted transcripts either in Haitian Creole or in English.

If you need Haitian Creole transcription services, order today.

Hire Experts to Transcribe Haitian Creole Audio and Video

You can hear people speak Haitian Creole in many countries. More than 9.6 million native speakers in Haiti and 12 million global speakers use Haitian Creole. can help you reach this audience and increase the exposure of your Haitian Creole audio and video. Our transcripts have been used in many ways—supporting qualitative and ethnographic research, improving search engine optimization, making content more accessible, contributing to documentaries, and more.

We Use Human Transcriptionists for Accuracy and Machines for Speed

You might be able to find other options for Haitian Creole transcription, but they likely rely on speech recognition software to do the work for them, forgoing the human professionals that render a transcript reliable. The results can be dreadfully inaccurate. To ensure the most accurate transcript possible, works with well-trained professionals who understand Haitian Creole colloquial phrases and idioms as well as accents and dialects, including the northern, central, and southern dialects. We do employ speech-to-text software to make the process more efficient, but don't worry—we always have a human expert meticulously compare the machine-generated transcript to the original audio clip to ensure accuracy. When we assign your work to one of our transcriptionists, you can be confident that your job will be handled by someone fluent in both the language and the correct dialect.

Take Advantage of Flexible Production Times and Customized Service

In addition to transcribing your Haitian Creole video or audio, we can also translate your transcript into English. We’ve done this work for university professors, businesspeople, and others in a variety of professions. Our experienced staff can handle any obstacle, whether it’s poor sound quality, recordings with a number of speakers, or challenging topics.

If you need reliable transcription services in Haitian Creole, just contact us and receive Haitian Creole transcription according to your specifications. Our flexible turnaround times ensure we’ll meet your production needs. All we need to get started is for you to supply the audio or video files.

We can help you no matter where you live—Oklahoma City, Los Angeles, Washington, or anywhere else—and no matter where your files were recorded, whether in Port-au-Prince, Carrefour, or Delmas.

Order now. We’re ready to assist.

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