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The Best Audio and Video

Transcription Services in Tampa


Accurate transcription services from real transcriptionists

If you need audio and video transcription services, we suggest you start at the top. brings quality and service to the great city of Tampa and its people in academia, business, medicine, content creation, and more. From Adventure Island to Busch Gardens, we serve anyone who needs accurate transcripts of audio, video, or written content.

Our transcriptionists are experienced and skilled human individuals who can both generate precise transcripts from scratch and rework a machine-generated transcript to guarantee accuracy. If your project needs expert help, let us turn your audio or video files into an accurate transcript. We even provide foreign language transcription and translation.

Start today and order transcription.

We work with a range of clients.

A lot goes into producing high-quality transcripts—and we understand the needs are different with every order. Our team provides the best transcription options for a variety of demands in Tampa, across Florida, and throughout the entire country.

  • Are you a scholar at the University of South Florida or one of the many other fine institutions in the Big Guava? If you need transcripts of your recorded class lectures, conferences, or dissertation notes, we can take care of that. What’s more, we’ll match your project with a transcriptionist familiar with your field of study.

  • Are you in the field of healthcare? Our partnership with an expert medical transcription firm means we can help you as well. Whether your specialty is oncology, psychiatry, or any other area of healthcare and administration, our partner provides medical transcripts for professionals like you from North Tampa to Sun Bay South.

  • Are you in the legal field? The top-notch transcriptionists at our legal transcription partner firm know the ins and outs of legal terminology and maintain strict confidentiality while delivering high-quality transcripts.

  • Do you simply need a working draft transcript of your audio or handwritten notes? We’d be happy to help you out.

Order your transcripts now.

Our team sets us apart from the rest.

What makes our transcriptionists stand out is that they have backgrounds in a range of areas, from accounting, to math, to theology, and we match each project with a transcriptionist familiar with its field and with the unique dialect or accent of its speakers. With great attention to detail, we set the standard for online transcription.

For the more than 392,000 people in Tampa, including business pros, students, and others, we’re the best option for audio and video transcription services. We can complete your project whether it’s in English or one of more than 500 other languages we transcribe and translate. Plus, our pricing doesn’t increase for complex material. We want to make getting transcripts simple and clean so you can focus more on your priorities.

We can start anytime. Order your first transcript now.

Put us to the test.

If we haven’t quite convinced you, we’d be happy to offer a free sample of our work. Learn below how to receive a free sample of our superb transcription services. We look forward to hearing from you.

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