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Norwegian Transcription Services


If you’ve been searching for the most skilled Norwegian transcriptionists, you’re in luck. Here at, our team of transcriptionists and translators works hard to deliver the highest-quality Norwegian transcripts possible.

As seasoned professionals, they’ve already crafted highly accurate, professional transcripts for clients from a variety of backgrounds. We’re eager to start transcribing your audio or video in Norwegian, one of the three primary languages of Scandinavia.

Order your first Norwegian transcript now.

Norwegian Transcription Is What We Know

Norwegian is not the most spoken language, not even in Scandinavia. With 5,080,000 native speakers and only about 110,0000 second language speakers, Norwegian is a small but powerful language. It’s spoken in the prosperous nation of Norway as well as in smaller Norwegian communities across the world.

We at can help you spread your Norwegian message as far as possible with incredibly precise transcripts in Norwegian or English. We’re seasoned professionals, and the top-notch transcripts we generate can be used for various purposes. Looking to perform qualitative research? Want to enhance your organization’s SEO efforts? Wish to make your service more accessible? Planning to put together a documentary? Our transcripts can help you do all that and more.

Speech Recognition Software By Itself Will Never Give You a Good Transcript

Everyone knows that software-generated transcripts are ridiculously inaccurate and contain an extremely high ratio of mistakes. But does that mean we should completely eschew this fascinating new technology? Of course not! At, we hire the best Norwegian transcriptionists in the industry, so we know that whether we're producing transcripts from scratch or correcting the output of a machine, our transcripts will always be phenomenally reliable.

And our human transcriptionists are exceptionally skilled. They’re masters of the Norwegian language, so no matter what idioms, slang terms, or accents your recording contains, they can handle it. Furthermore, our transcriptionists can transcribe dialects from all over Norway, such as the Northern, Central, and Western dialects, among others. We have transcriptionists on board who are fluent in particular dialects, and they can ensure your transcript is as precise as possible.

Experience the Ultimate Flexibility in Norwegian Transcription

Every client has different needs, and we want to satisfy yours to the best of our ability. That means that not only can we transcribe your audio or video into Norwegian, but if you wish, we can also deliver a translated English transcript.

It doesn’t matter which field you work in, because we’ve already satisfied clients from various areas of academia and business. The extensive training of our transcriptionists also guarantees that they won’t stumble over recordings containing background noise or multiple speakers. We have you covered in all cases.

We're so much more accurate than automated speech recognition software. But machines are much faster than us, so together, it's the perfect partnership, with our human transcriptionists fixing the machine-generated transcripts for accuracy. We’ll customize your Norwegian transcript exactly as you desire, and we guarantee that we’ll keep the content strictly confidential. We’ll always make sure you receive your transcript in time to meet the demands of your schedule, too, as we offer numerous turnaround choices to suit any client. If you just supply the audio or video file, we’ll supply the transcript.

We work for clients from anywhere, be it Columbus, Baltimore, or Memphis, and with audio from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, or any other city.

Order today.

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