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Top-Notch Audio and Video Transcription in Columbus


Work with the best human transcriptionists in Columbus. is the leading online English and foreign language transcription agency in Columbus. Whether you operate in academia or business, whether you hail from near the Ohio Statehouse or German Village, we’re here to provide first-rate transcription for you. We work with audio, video, and even handwritten content, so whatever you have for us, we’re ready to transcribe it.

We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable, skillful human transcriptionists, who dedicate themselves to quality and accuracy. If you're worried about speech-to-text programs because they leave numerous errors, don't worry—they're perfectly safe to use if you have experienced human transcriptionists like ours clean them up afterward. Whether you’re seeking certified transcription, lecture transcription, or transcription or translation of non-English content, one of our expert human transcriptionists will do the job quickly and professionally.

See just how little professional transcription services cost.

Our highly flexible team of experts can transcribe any content.

We’re not only the most skilled audio and video transcription service in Columbus or even Ohio—we’re the top transcription agency in the United States. Given our skills, expertise, and flexibility, we’re certain we can surpass your transcription expectations, whatever your needs.

  • Are you associated with Ohio State University, Capital University, Ohio Dominican University, or another local educational institution? Whether you need academic transcription for recorded lectures, handwritten notes, or a conference, we’ll make sure your expert transcriptionist is knowledgeable in your field to maximize accuracy.

  • Looking for specialty transcription services for creatives and artists? If you require timestamps, captions, or speaker tagging in your transcripts, we’re the service for you. No matter what you’re planning to contribute to the Arch City’s art scene, we’ll aid you in the process. We even offer final draft transcripts that you can publish as soon as you receive them, thanks to the expertise of our in-house proofreading team.

  • If your primary language is not English, we can still help you. Bosnian? Japanese? German? We can transcribe all of them and more. If you want, we can even produce a professional English transcript of your foreign-language audio or video. Similarly, if you’re looking for video subtitles, we can provide those, too.

  • Do you need medical transcription for important audio or video? Our superb partner agency produces top-notch transcripts for healthcare practitioners in internal medicine, radiology, pathology, and many other specialties. From Downtown to the Short North Arts District, all medical professionals in Columbus can benefit from our partner’s phenomenal transcription services.

  • Need transcription of testimonies, depositions, or court proceedings? We’ve partnered with a fantastic legal transcription agency to assist law professionals in Columbus.

  • Are your transcription needs not covered by any of the categories above? Don’t fret! No matter the form, content, field, language, or even accent of your audio, we can meet your needs. We’re here to help everyone in Columbus who requires transcription services.


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What makes our team so brilliant?

Our phenomenal team doesn’t just transcribe—we also proofread and translate, making our services flexible and diverse. Not only that, but we’re qualified to work with a wide range of subjects, since our team boasts expert transcriptionists familiar with everything from biology, to philosophy, to psychology, and beyond. To uphold our strict quality standards, we guarantee that a transcriptionist familiar with your field and accent will be assigned to work on your order. All in all, we’re the best online transcription service out there.

Columbus, Ohio, is a big city that more than 860,000 people call home. Within that population are countless businesspeople, medical professionals, artists, scholars, and others who need the professional transcription services of a first-rate transcription agency. We’re here to serve that population, whether they speak English or one of the many other languages we support. And don’t worry about the complexity of your audio, either—our pricing scheme is simple and doesn’t change with the complexity of your material.

Our team can’t wait to start transcribing your content. Send us your audio or video files now!

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If we haven’t quite convinced you yet, give us a chance. Send us your material, and we’ll provide a short free sample of our transcription work. We’re confident you won’t have any doubts afterward.

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