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Portuguese Transcription Services


Do you need a professional to turn your Portuguese audio or video into a highly accurate transcript? Our transcriptionists and translators are vastly experienced in the art of transcription, and they’re excited to help you expand the reach of your Portuguese content. Whether your audio is in Brazilian Portuguese or European Portuguese, we’ll generate a professional transcript that is true to your audio or video.

Order now so we can start your Portuguese transcript right away.

We’re Experts in Portuguese Transcription

With 222,710,000 native speakers, making for a total of 236,510,000 speakers around the world when second-language speakers are included, Portuguese is one of the most spoken languages. Having originated in Portugal, where it remains the primary language, Portuguese has spread across the world to such nations as Angola and, notably, Brazil, where the majority of its speakers live. In addition, smaller Portuguese-speaking communities can be found in various countries.

Portuguese content has a huge potential audience, and our mission here at is to broaden that potential audience with high-quality transcripts in your choice of Portuguese or English. Whether you’d like to foster research efforts, promote your business, inform an audience about a particular subject, or compile a documentary, our transcripts can help you fulfill your objectives.

Always Involve Professional Humans in Your Portuguese Transcription

No automated speech recognition program in the world is a match for an experienced human transcriptionist in accuracy, but they definitely are faster. So, we like to have software generate a base for our Portuguese transcripts and then have our professional human transcription team pore over them to make sure they're accurate. This ensures equally accurate transcripts at a much faster pace—the best of both worlds!

In the case of our transcriptionists, their language of expertise is Portuguese, and this mastery allows them to flawlessly understand Portuguese idioms, colloquialisms, and accents. The range of dialects our transcriptionists cover is wide and includes Brazilian, European, Angolan, and more. We understand how important accuracy is to you, and that’s why we ensure transcriptionists fluent in your particular dialect will complete your transcript.

We’ll Customize Your Portuguese Transcript

Most Portuguese transcription companies deliver transcripts only in Portuguese. While we certainly do that, we can also translate your transcript into English. The language is your choice. We’re also extremely flexible in terms of subject, and our experience in multiple fields of academia and business ensures that technical terminology is no obstacle. Additionally, low audio quality, background noise, and multiple speakers pose no problem to experts like us.

If you don’t want an amateurish transcript, don’t hire amateur transcriptionists. We’re professionals, and our transcripts are customizable and extremely accurate. We offer various turnaround times to ensure you never miss a deadline. If you’re ready for the best Portuguese transcription services, we’re waiting for your audio.

Where are you sending your order from? LA, Houston, or maybe Seattle? Was your Portuguese audio recorded in São Paulo (Brazil), Luanda (Angola), or Lisbon (Portugal)? Wherever in the world you hail from, we can help you.

Order today.

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