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Presenting Our California Transcription Services

Working hard to provide Californians with high-quality transcription services

California is the biggest state by population in all of the United States. It’s renowned around the world for its booming tech sector in the famed Silicon Valley, and the movies produced by Hollywood are enjoyed by audiences all across the globe. Tourists flock to the sunny state to enjoy Disneyland, see the Golden Gate Bridge, or explore the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the state’s natural beauty is on display at Yosemite National Park, Death Valley National Park, and Sequoia National Park, among others. Amidst all the natural wonders and manmade successes live nearly 40 million Californians, who may require transcription services to move forward in their endeavors in academia, business, the arts, and beyond. We at are here to help, with transcription services for any Californian in any dialect or any language, for any content matter, for any project.

California sits at the forefront of the digital revolution, including technology like speech recognition software. These programs certainly can’t rival the accuracy and quality of skilled human transcriptionists, but we see the value in this technology—it allows us to quickly generate a base that we can polish and edit until it’s accurate and meets our high standards of quality. If you’d like to opt for this model, let us know—or you can have our human transcriptionists create your transcript entirely from scratch. It’s always your choice.


There’s never been a better time to order transcription services.


Californians are diverse—but so are our transcription services.

From bustling Los Angeles, to the famed Bay Area, down south to San Diego by the Mexican border, up north to the capital of Sacramento, and inland across the Mojave Desert, California is many different things to different people. Everyone from hardworking academics and researchers, to ambitious new entrepreneurs, to innovative filmmakers and creatives call California home, and we’re here to help all of them with their transcription needs.

  • California is a hub of post-secondary educational excellence, with such prestigious schools as the University of California at Berkeley, the University of California at Los Angeles, Stanford University, and California State University at Long Beach representing some of the brightest minds in the world. Whether you’re a professor, student, or researcher, and no matter what discipline you’re studying, our academic transcriptionists are here to help you transcribe your audio and video clips (and handwritten notes) into professionally formatted transcripts. We’re specialized in various fields, so don’t worry about technical vocabulary!

  • Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world, having pumped out beloved films and TV series for decades. Transcription is an important part of the creative process, and our transcription experts can even throw in speaker identification tags and timestamps for free for our creative clients. And, of course, if you want subtitles or closed captions for your movies or videos, we can do that, too.

  • California is one of the top destinations for newcomers to the US, given the state’s prominence and prestige. Spanish is spoken by as many as 25% of Californians, but Mandarin, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, Armenian, and Persian are also used by large swaths of the population. Since we hire transcriptionists who speak all sorts of languages, we can easily transcribe your recordings in all these languages and more.

  • Whether in radiology, oncology, or anesthesiology, the myriad healthcare workers in California dedicate themselves to keeping Californians safe. We’d like to offer California’s medical personnel access to reliable medical transcription services that they need to continue their important work, and that’s why we’ve partnered with a top-ranked medical transcription company, whose team members are specialized in a large number of medical subfields.

  • If you’re a lawyer or legal professional, it doesn’t matter which niche you practice in—family law, criminal law, copyright law, etc.—it’s all complex. That means finding a great legal transcriptionist is often difficult—but not if you work with our partner legal transcription firm, whose experts provide tailored and confidential transcription services for Californian lawyers.

  • In short, we’re here for everyone in California who needs great transcription services. No matter what your audio clip, video file, or handwritten papers revolve around, send them to us for a professional transcript.


Let us show you the power of transcription—order now!


Our team represents the top transcription talent in the world

We’ve hired expert transcriptionists from all over California—from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and more. But our team stretches far beyond the borders of California, with team members from all 50 states as well as countries around the world. This diversity is what allows us to cater to different dialects and languages, as well as a myriad of fields and industries, given the varied expertise of our robust transcription team.

With close to 40 million inhabitants, California is more populous than many countries—including Canada. The need for great transcription services in California is great, but we’re here for all Californians looking for reliable transcription—flexible and precise, at an affordable rate on a simple and transparent pricing model. You won’t find a better company to address your transcription needs.

Take the leap today and order our transcription services!


Take a sneak preview of our work for free.

Hollywood publishes action-filled trailers ahead of their movie releases. In a similar fashion, we’re offering you a sneak peek of our transcription work, based on the source material you send us, in the form of a free sample. You can then decide whether you want to pursue a paid order—but we’re confident you’ll be impressed.

Reach out to our team now to ask about a free transcription sample.

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