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Canada’s Best Transcription Services

Proudly serving all of Canada with top-notch transcription services

Canada is the second-biggest country by geographical area, spanning nearly 10,000 kilometres from sea to sea. From Canada’s “Ocean Playground” of Nova Scotia all the way to “Beautiful British Columbia” on the Pacific coast, Canada is massive, sporting a diverse population and natural beauty all throughout its vast lands. With the CN Tower and Niagara Falls in Ontario, Banff National Park in Alberta, and Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Canada has a lot to offer, and the country’s many hardworking and ambitious residents know it. We here at are here to cater to them—Canada’s scholars, business leaders, content creators, healthcare workers, legal professionals, and others pushing Canada forward—with tailored transcripts in any dialect or language, for any field or content.

We’re dedicated to flexibility to help you secure the transcript that works for you. If you’re budget-conscious or on a tight schedule, you may prefer our machine-assisted transcription services, where we use speech recognition technology to generate a base transcript that our trained human transcriptionists carefully work through to ensure an accurate and error-free transcript. If the utmost quality is your topmost concern, we can produce your transcript entirely through our dedicated human team. The choice is yours.

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From quaint Atlantic Canada, Francophone Quebec, and powerhouse Ontario to the thriving Prairie provinces and Pacific British Columbia, with even more ambitious Canadians populating the northern territories, Canada is a huge and diverse country, each region unique in its own way. But the differences pose no problem to us—we’re committed to helping all Canadians, no matter where they’re from or what their background is.

  • The University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill University, the University of Calgary, Dalhousie University—Canada offers no shortage of prestigious and highly esteemed institutes of higher education. Here, some of Canada’s brightest and sharpest minds push through new frontiers of various fields, and sometimes, they need academic transcripts to help them further their studies. Our academic transcriptionists are trained in a wide array of disciplines, meaning we can smoothly transcribe your conference recordings, interview footage, or lecture notes in just about any field.

  • Our team also loves working with Canadian creatives, whether they’re producing large-scale movies, TV shows, and documentaries or whether they’re independent creators working on online videos or podcasts. No matter the scale or nature of your production, you may require transcripts, subtitles, or closed captions to take your work further, and our transcriptionists can help, even adding speaker identification and timestamps free of charge.

  • Canada is famously a bilingual nation, with around 87% of the population commanding a good understanding of English and a further 29% able to speak the other official language, French. But in fact, Canada is a diverse mosaic of languages, with Mandarin, Spanish, Punjabi, Arabic, Hindi, Tagalog, and other immigrant languages—as well as indigenous languages like Cree, Ojibwe, and Inuktitut—coloring the landscape. We provide transcription services in all these languages and many more, even offering to translate your foreign-language materials into English transcripts, if you like.

  • Canada is famous for its free healthcare system, and it’s the countless hardworking doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who make it possible for Canadians to access great health services. We’re proud to help Canada’s medical personnel with their transcription needs, thanks to the medical transcription firm we’ve partnered with, whose trained transcriptionists are specialized in everything from dermatology to urology.

  • Law is complicated in any country, and Canada is no exception. That means that Canada’s legal professionals need to rely on trained experts to transcribe their audio clips, video files, and handwritten notes—but it’s hard to find transcriptionists with a sufficient understanding of the intricacies of the law. Reach out to us for a referral to our partner legal transcription company—their professionals are experts in criminal law, family law, and many other niches.

  • We’re here to help all Canadians with their transcription needs, whether they fit nicely into one of the above categories or not. Simply reach out to us with your source material (audio files, video clips, handwritten documents, etc.), and we’ll discuss how we can help you.


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What makes it all possible: Our phenomenal team

Our team of passionate and highly trained professional transcriptionists makes all our work here at possible. Many of our experts come from all over Canada, representing Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and more, but we have tons of other experts from across the US and the wider world as well. So, no matter what type of English you’re seeking—or whether your clip is in a different language—our team can help. We also represent all sorts of specializations, helping you access the tailored transcription services you need to succeed.

Canada is a proud nation with almost 40 million people, many of whom are working hard in different areas of academia, business, creativity, medicine, law, and beyond. A country of this size generates a lot of transcription needs, but we’re here to help Canadians with whatever they may need. Don’t worry about pricing—our model is transparent, simple, and affordable, providing you with a well-rounded transcription experience.

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Let us prove our worth before you dive into a paid transcription order. If you have the time to spare, send us your materials and let us create a tailored sample for you. This way, you can proceed with confidence once you see the quality of our work—and if you decide we’re not the right service for you, you’re not obligated to go any further.

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