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Offering Transcription Services in Manitoba, Canada

Let us handle your transcription needs in Manitoba.

Are you a resident of Manitoba, Canada, looking for the best transcription services you can find? Well, you’ve just found them. Manitoba is a big province, with natural beauty found in Riding Mountain National Park and Birds Hill National Park, but it’s also home to interesting attractions like the Forks Market and the Manitoba Museum. All across this vast province live tons of researchers, entrepreneurs, content creators, lawyers, medical professionals, and more who need access to reliable transcription services to get ahead in their work—and we at are here to provide the transcription services they need. In any English dialect or foreign language, for any niche or specialization, we’re here to help.

We understand that many people have qualms about speech recognition software, so we want to reassure you that you always have the option to have your transcript entirely crafted by our human experts. But we also offer a human-machine hybrid option, where we have technology create the base of your transcript, and then our human professionals polish and edit it until it’s an accurate reflection of your source material (an audio clip, video footage, or even a handwritten note!). It’s up to you which one you choose.

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Making sure all Manitobans have access to great transcription services

Whether you hail from the Manitoban capital, Winnipeg, or one of the province’s smaller cities, such as Brandon, Steinbach, or Winkler, our transcription team is dedicated to helping you with your transcription project. We cater to clients from all sorts of backgrounds and specializations—read on for a quick preview!

  • Are you pushing the boundaries of academia at one of Manitoba’s top-ranked universities, such as the University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg, Brandon University, or Canadian Mennonite University? If you need academic transcription services for your work in biology, chemistry, economics, sociology, or any other field, let us help—our team is filled with passionate academic transcriptionists from many different disciplines.

  • Are you creating interesting, entertaining, or educational content for Manitobans and the wider world to enjoy? Whether you’re working on smaller-scale online videos or podcasts or are tackling larger-scale projects like movies or documentaries, you may want transcription services to smoothen the process. Our transcriptionists boast a wealth of experience working with content creators and will even add speaker identification and timestamps to your transcripts for free. And as for subtitles and closed captions—we can provide those, too!

  • About 90% of Manitobans speak English as their first language—but that’s just another way of saying that 10% of the province uses a different language. Whether it’s German, Tagalog, French, Punjabi, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, or an indigenous language like Cree, Ojibway, or Oji-Cree, we have a multilingual transcription team able to help you in tons of languages worldwide. Do you want a transcript in your native language, or do you want us to then translate it into English? It’s up to you!

  • It’s hard work to keep the people of Manitoba safe and healthy, with the many hematologists, ophthalmologists, immunologists, and other medical specialists toiling away every day. Medical transcriptionists help them advance in their important work, but medical transcriptionists must be medical specialists themselves—it’s not a job for general transcriptionists. That’s why we’ve partnered with a top-ranked medical transcription company to serve the healthcare workers of Manitoba.

  • Similarly, lawyers work in highly technical niches rife with esoteric vocabulary that sounds foreign to most laypeople—so when Manitoba’s legal professionals need reliable legal transcription services, it’s hard to know where to turn. We can help you—while we can’t transcribe your legal documents ourselves, the specialized legal transcriptionists at our partner agency certainly can, offering tailored and highly confidential transcription services in criminal law, corporate law, immigration law, and more.

  • This is only a quick overview of some of the people we can help—we’re certainly not limited to the above list. No matter what your transcription project is—for any dialect, any language, any subject matter, and any form (audio recording, video clip, handwritten document)—we can help.


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Unrivalled professionalism: Our team

We’ve carefully built up our transcription team from the foremost experts of transcription from around the world, including Winnipeg and other cities of Manitoba. Indeed, our team is diverse and multifaceted, representing different dialects and accents of English from around the world, as well as dozens of major world languages. With some transcriptionists specialized in academia, others in business, and others yet in the creative arts, supported by the medical and legal transcription experts at our partner companies, we’re proud to cater to the transcription needs of all Manitobans.

We care about serving the 1.3 million people of Manitoba, offering high-quality and reliable transcripts for whatever their projects may be. We’re proud to provide a service Manitobans can rely on, whether they’re researchers, business executives, content creators, healthcare workers, legal professionals, or anyone else, and you can trust our pricing model, too, because it’s simple and transparent. Simply put, we’re the best transcription service in Manitoba.

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Allow us to provide a free sample.

If you have any doubts, let us put them to rest. We’d love to provide a free sample, created from the source materials you provide, so send over your audio or video clip or handwritten documents! You’re under no obligation to proceed further—although we’re confident you’ll want to when you see our work.

Reach out to our team today to request a free sample.

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