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Audio and Video Transcription: Winnipeg’s Best

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With us, ordering transcription services is simple.

No matter where you are in Winnipeg, you may require high-quality transcription services. Whether you’re a business leader, academic researcher, artist, lawyer, or healthcare professional, the needs for transcription services can be varied. What if you had a reliable transcription agency you could turn to no matter why you needed transcription? Well, you do. At, we make our specialized transcription services available to clients all over Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We serve everyone in Winnipeg—even those who require non-English transcription services. That’s right—we offer more than 500 languages, covering almost everyone in Winnipeg. We also accept a range of materials—audio clips, video recordings, and even notes written by hand. What we don’t do is rely on speech-to-text programs, like so many other transcription companies. We may sometimes use them in our work, but only as a base to aid our professional human transcriptionists, who carefully verify all transcripts before they're delivered to the client. Our team is staffed with the foremost human experts in transcription, and their skills and experience are reflected in their work.

So, wherever you are in Winnipeg—whether you like to shop at the Forks or relax at Kings Park—you can trust to provide top-notch transcripts at affordable prices.

If you contact us now, we can give you a free quote for transcription.

Serving the needs of all Winnipeggers

With a top-level transcription team like ours, catering to the unique transcription needs of clients across Winnipeg is hardly a challenge. In fact, we offer our services more broadly across Manitoba and Canada as well. Below is a list of the types of clients we can satisfy.

  • Students, professors, and researchers. We love to support hardworking academics at prestigious schools like the University of Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba, and Canadian Mennonite University. We have academic transcriptionists with degrees across a range of subjects, so, no matter what your recorded lectures, conferences, or handwritten notes are about, we can navigate the technical jargon with ease.

  • Content creators and artists. We’re proud to help creative Winnipeggers entertain Manitoba. And to prove how passionate we are about your artistic endeavours, we’ll even throw in services like speaker identification and timestamps free of charge when you order captions or video transcripts.

  • Non-native English speakers. For the immigrants brave enough to face Winnipeg’s brutally cold winters, our transcriptionists stand ready to assist with transcription needs in any number of languages. We’re proud to offer our skillful transcription services in Indonesian, Croatian, Swahili, and many other languages to people all over Winnipeg. Of course, we can also add foreign-language subtitles to your video as well.

  • Healthcare professionals. Whether you work in pathology or internal medicine, we appreciate your hard work to keep Winnipeggers happy and healthy. While we’re not specialized in medical transcription, our partner firm is—so you can rely on us even for highly technical medical transcription needs.

  • Legal professionals. If you serve Winnipeg clients from Tuxedo to Fort Garry in the law, we want to help you access the high-quality legal transcription services you need to further your work. Our partner company is well versed in transcribing a wide array of legal documents.

  • Anyone else in Winnipeg. It doesn’t matter why you need transcription services—we can provide them with the utmost quality and for a competitive rate. All you have to do is send your recording or handwritten documents, and we’ll have your professionally formatted transcript back by your specified deadline.

Don’t wait to benefit from professional transcription services.

Only the best transcriptionists for Winnipeggers

We’ve implemented a rigorous screening process to ensure only the top transcriptionists land a slot on our team. What makes our transcriptionists so great is their varied skillsets—not only are they experts in transcription, but they also boast expertise in a variety of fields. So, no matter what type of content you want transcribed, we’re confident we have the right transcriptionist for you on staff.

More than 700,000 people call Winnipeg home—and that includes a lot of video creators, professors, entrepreneurs, doctors, and lawyers who need reliable transcription services. That’s where we come in: Winnipeggers wide and far can contact us for the highest-quality transcription services on the web in English or a number of languages from around the world. You’ll never pay more for complicated recordings either.

Take a moment to order transcription services today.

We’ll prove our skills for free.

We completely understand if you’d like to see a free sample before you dive into a paid order. That’s why every new customer with us is entitled to a free transcription sample. Since so many prospective clients return after seeing our sample, it’s easily worth the expense for us.

Reach out today to ask about a free sample.

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