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Our Skilled Transcriptionists Serving Alberta, Canada

Looking for great transcription services in Alberta?

From the border with the US in the south to the harsh, cold lands of the province’s north, Alberta covers a lot of land and offers delights such as Banff National Park, the West Edmonton Mall, and the Calgary Tower. As the most developed province in Canada, Alberta holds a ton of importance to the country both economically and culturally, so it’s no wonder that the province is overflowing with ambitious inhabitants in all fields—from academia and business to the creative industry and beyond. What ties all these unique and hardworking individuals together is the need for high-quality, reliable transcription services, and that’s where we at come in. For transcription of audio and video clips—and even handwritten material—in English or any other language, turn to us!

Do we use automated transcription software in our work? We appreciate this sort of technology, but only as a tool—it’s just not good enough to replace human labour. Speech-to-text technology tends to make a lot of mistakes, but if one of our expert human transcriptionists carefully pores over the output and makes the necessary corrections, you’ll get a high-quality, accurate transcript faster. But if you would rather that only humans work with your transcript, we can certainly arrange for that as well!

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A transcription service everyone in Alberta can rely on

Alberta’s vibrant landscape is made up not only of breathtaking natural beauty but also a diverse population of bright and hardworking people, excelling in all sorts of different fields. We’ve built our transcription team to reflect the multifaceted transcription needs of Albertans, operating everywhere from Medicine Hat, to Calgary, to Edmonton, to Fort McMurray, and beyond.

  • Whether it’s the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, MacEwan University, or Athabasca University, post-secondary education institutes from all over the great province of Alberta routinely produce ground-breaking academic work. The professors, students, and researchers who toil tirelessly often require transcription services to aid them—and our academic transcriptionists are here to help. With professional transcriptionists representing a wide swath of disciplines, we’re sure to have the right expert for you.

  • Alberta proudly produces a great deal of entertainment content, as well—everything from full-length movies and documentaries to casual online sketches or podcasts. Whatever you’re creating in Alberta, if you need transcription services, let us help. We’ll even add speaker identification tags and timestamps to your transcripts for free—and if you’re looking for subtitles or closed captions for your videos, we can produce those, too.

  • The majority of Albertans speak English as their first language—but the province is also home to a great many allophones, whose native language is neither English nor French. Whether you speak Tagalog, German, Punjabi, Cantonese, Spanish, or an indigenous language like Cree or Ojibwe, we can help you transcribe materials in your mother tongue, thanks to our multilingual team of transcriptionists from around the world.

  • When you get sick or have an injury, you can trust the hardworking medical professionals at Albertan hospitals and healthcare institutions from around the province. Often, Alberta’s doctors and nurses require medical transcription to aid in their work, but medical transcription is a highly specialized field, and it can be difficult to find a suitable medical transcriptionist. So, we’ve found them for you. Contact us for an introduction to the experts on our medical transcription partner firm’s team, who specialize in everything from pediatrics, to neurology, to anesthesiology.

  • Anyone who practices the law in Alberta knows how complicated the field is, whether you’re working in corporate law, criminal law, or an entirely different niche. Each one incorporates its own vocabulary that a transcriptionist must be well versed with to create reliable legal transcripts. General transcriptionists simply lack the legal expertise to produce such work—but the transcriptionists at the legal transcription company we’ve teamed up with are dedicated to providing reliable, confidential work for various legal specialties.

  • Anyone else in Alberta is welcome to contact us for transcription services as well, even if they fall outside the categories listed above. Indeed, we’re here to transcribe the audio recordings, video clips, and handwritten notes of all Albertans!


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A little bit about our transcription team

We’re confident in our ability to provide top-notch transcription services to people from all over Alberta thanks to the incredible skills of our transcriptionists. We’ve hired the best in the industry not only from Alberta and other Canadian provinces but also from countries around the world, so you can be sure you’re getting the best in transcription talent. No matter the English dialect—or a foreign language—we can help you transform the spoken or handwritten word into a professionally formatted transcript, for people in academia, business, medicine, law, TV, and beyond.

Alberta’s population of 4.2 million means the province is brimming with transcription needs. At, we’re committed to serving every Albertan who requests our assistance. We’re flexible, happy to accommodate your unique specifications or special requirements, and we work from a simple and transparent pricing scheme that ensures you’ll never encounter any hidden fees.

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You don’t have to place blind faith in us—we can show you for free what we’re made of! Simply send us your audio clip, video file, or handwritten document, and we’ll produce a short sample entirely free of charge. Like what you see? Feel free to place a full order! Not satisfied? You’re under no obligation to proceed.

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