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Edmonton’s Best Audio and Video Transcription Services

Your search for Edmonton’s best transcriptionists ends here.

There are many transcription agencies out there—but how many are worth it? It can be hard to find a reliable transcription service that accommodates your needs, but that’s exactly what does. We work with English and foreign languages alike to serve as many clients in the great Canadian city of Edmonton as possible. We can transcribe both audio and video clips as well as handwritten notes, so if you’re in Edmonton and you need transcription services, turn to us. We’re here to serve everyone from the West Edmonton Mall to the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Nowadays, many transcription agencies use speech-recognition software to perform their work. The problem is that this technology can’t rival the skills of an expert human transcriptionist, even though it can produce a solid base for a transcript. So, if you want quality, you have to involve human transcriptionists like us. Humans oversee all transcription work we produce, so you never have to worry about the ridiculous errors of automated software. Though we may use machines for assistance, we carefully check all results to ensure you receive an accurate transcript every time.

We’re eager to start on your transcript today—order now!

Whatever kind of transcript you need, we can deliver it.

The transcription needs of Edmontonians are diverse. Clients come to us across Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada requesting transcripts in the sectors of business, academia, entertainment, law, healthcare and more—and we can deliver high-quality, tailored transcripts to each one of them. Take a look at the diverse pool of clients we can serve:

  • Students, professors, and researchers at top Edmonton universities like the University of Alberta, Concordia University of Edmonton, and MacEwan University need professional academic transcripts of their recorded discussions, conferences, and lectures. Luckily, our academic transcriptionists are experts in many different fields, so you don’t have to worry about technical terms tripping us up.

  • Artists and content creators in Edmonton have a variety of needs for their transcripts—for example, they may need transcripts that identify the speaker or specify the time each utterance was made. Just tell us if you need these, and we’ll add them in for free. Of course, we can add captions to video clips as well—it’s one of our specialized transcription services.

  • Edmonton attracts a large number of foreign immigrants, so English is far from the only language spoken in the city. But it doesn’t matter if your clip is in Hungarian, Telugu, Fula, or more than 500 other languages, because we can transcribe foreign material as well as translate it. Perhaps you’re also looking for subtitling services—we can provide those, too.

  • Medical practitioners in Edmonton—whether they work in pediatrics or oncology—frequently require the services of a trained medical transcriptionist, but it’s hard to find a specialist who understands all the medical jargon. That’s why we’ve partnered with a medical transcription company with experience providing Edmonton’s healthcare community with quality transcripts.

  • If you practice the law in Edmonton, you probably have a large need for legal transcription services. Unfortunately, most transcription companies can’t cater to this specialty, given the difficulty of legal terminology. But we can, thanks to our partner, a certified legal transcription company—so don’t hesitate to order legal transcription.

  • Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list. Our transcriptionists are prepared to serve everyone in Edmonton with their transcription needs, even if it’s for a handwritten story.

We invite you to order your first transcript now.


We’ve gathered the best transcriptionists from around the world.

Our staff makes us what we are. Our skilled transcriptionists are experts at navigating the challenges of difficult transcription projects, including poor audio quality, multiple speakers, dialects, and technical terminology. Our translators command expertise over more than 500 languages and an array of fields. And our editors have carefully trained their attention to detail so they can polish any transcript we complete.

We’re the optimal team to serve the almost one million inhabitants of Edmonton. In fact, we also serve Alberta and Canada more broadly. Whether you’re a video creator or a legal professional, we know our transcriptionists can help you—at an affordable rate with guaranteed on-time delivery.


The first step is requesting a free sample.

If you want a free sample before paying for an order, feel free to request one! You’re under no obligation to purchase our services after—but most clients are so satisfied that they do.

Put in a request for a free sample today.

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