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High-Quality Audio and Video Transcription in Calgary, Alberta

Ready for the best transcription services in Calgary? is the top transcription service on the Internet, whether you’re looking for transcription in English or a variety of foreign languages, so professionals, academics, and others in Calgary seeking transcription needn’t look any further. We love Calgary—from the Calgary Zoo to the top of the Calgary Tower—so we’re passionate about helping as many clients from this great Albertan city as possible. We transcribe not only audio and video clips but also handwritten documents, making us truly flexible.

We hire the best transcriptionists on the Internet who boast expertise not only in transcription but also in a range of fields, meaning we can help even if you have technical material. We don’t disregard speech-recognition software—despite its inaccuracies, the technology is a valuable time-saving tool for professional transcriptionists. However, we rely on our professional transcriptionists’ human expertise and intuition to craft the highest-quality audio and video transcription in Calgary, with our transcriptionists carefully checking over any machine-generated transcripts we produce. We cover English and a number of foreign languages, so chances are we can serve your needs.

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Our flexibility allows us to accommodate anyone.

We know that, among Calgary’s population of more than a million, countless professionals, scholars, and others have incredibly diverse reasons for ordering transcription services. We work hard to accommodate each client’s individual needs, offering specialized transcription services in various areas. So, whether you need academic transcription, subtitling, or foreign-language transcription, clients across Calgary, Alberta, and Canada can turn to us.

  • We’re proud to work with scholars at the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology to craft high-quality, reliable transcripts. Whether you want to transcribe recordings of lectures or academic conferences, our academic transcriptionists can help, thanks to their expertise in your specific field.

  • If you’re a content creator in Calgary, you may need special features on your transcript, such as timestamps or speaker tags. If you need these, just let us know, and we’ll add them free of charge. Another service many content creators value is video captioning services, which our transcriptionists are happy to render. We also have an in-house proofreading team to root out any typos that have made their way into your transcript.

  • We’re proud to support Calgary’s hardworking medical professionals by providing accurate, reliable medical transcripts under time pressure. We offer precise transcription in specialties like anesthesiology, oncology, and urology—and it’s all possible thanks to our medical transcription partners. 

  • Those who practice law in Calgary frequently need transcription services. Legal jargon is an impediment for most transcriptionists but not us, since we’ve partnered with a leading legal transcription agency. Whether you’re in Brentwood or Huntington Hills, you can trust us for legal transcription.

  • Our transcription services are available to anyone in Calgary who needs them. No matter who you are or why you need transcription, our team would love to help!

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We hire only the top transcription talent.

It doesn’t matter what the subject of your audio clip, video recording, or handwritten note is, because our team is filled with transcriptionists who are experts in various fields. We promise to match your order with a transcription professional who’s uniquely qualified to work with your type of recording, ensuring the utmost accuracy.

In Calgary, more than a million hardworking entrepreneurs, researchers, and more rely on transcription services to further their endeavors, and accuracy is paramount. Accuracy is precisely what we deliver, on top of professional formatting and guaranteed on-time delivery. We can overcome the difficulties of poor audio quality or multiple speakers to create the best transcripts in Calgary.

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We’re happy to offer free samples.

Want to try a free sample? No problem! We’re so confident in our team’s transcription prowess that we can easily offer free samples. Most clients are so impressed they come back for a paid order immediately.

Request your free transcription sample today.

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