Tamil Transcription Services


Tamil audio or video to Tamil text: $2.10 (USD) per audio minute

Tamil audio or video to English text: $6.95 (USD) per audio minute

We don’t charge extra for the following:

  • Speaker identification

  • Timestamps

  • Accents

  • Difficult terminology

  • Multiple speakers

Tamil transcription services can vary in quality. With TranscriptionServices.com, you’ll get the most accurate and precise transcription and translation of your audio or video content. Our experienced, proficient specialists are masters at professionally transcribing Tamil audio and video.

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Our Experts Will Handle Your Tamil Transcript

Spoken in India and Sri Lanka, Tamil is one of the world’s largest languages, with 66.7 million native speakers and 74.7 speakers across the world. Our service helps you tap into this vast audience with your audio and video content. TranscriptionServices.com builds value into your content by converting it to text in either Tamil or English, which can then be used numerous ways—in ethnographic or qualitative research, in documentary films, in SEO projects, and more.

Forget Software—Specialists Produce the Most Accurate Copy

Speech recognition software might seem like a viable option for Tamil transcription, but you’ll probably find the results lacking. When it comes to accuracy, TranscriptionServices.com knows that humans will beat software every time. Our specialists recognize the subtle distinctions of Tamil, such as idioms and colloquialisms, and can understand accents and dialects. When we assign a transcriptionist to your projects, you can be confident that person will know the appropriate dialect for your recording, whether that’s Kongu, Central Tamil, Madurai, or any other. This guarantees an accurate, professional transcript.

Convenient Turnaround Times and Custom Orders Fit Your Needs

The TranscriptionServices.com team can handle any job, even tough ones with poor audio quality, multiple speakers, or challenging subjects. In addition to transcribing audio in the Tamil script or the Roman alphabet, we can also translate your transcript into English. We work with recordings from across the Tamil-speaking world—from Chennai, to Coimbatore, to Madurai. We perform this work for businesses, university faculty, and other professionals in a range of fields.

You can use a service that relies on speech recognition software, but those computer-produced transcripts might be embarrassingly inaccurate. Choose TranscriptionServices.com instead, where you can customize your confidential order and select a turnaround time to fit your needs. The process is easy. All you have to do is submit your Tamil audio or video to us and we’ll return precise, perfectly formatted transcripts.

We will work with clients across the United States, from Louisville, to San Antonio, to Los Angeles, and from other cities worldwide. Let us meet your transcription needs.

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