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The Best Audio and Video Transcription Services in Louisville

The best, and most accurate, transcription services are right here.

There might be a few long shots in Louisville, but there’s one sure bet for online English and foreign language transcription services. leads the industry, providing services to meet a wide range of transcription needs. Students and professionals alike, from Churchill Downs to Hillerich & Bradsby, rely on us to create accurate, high-quality transcripts of audio, video, and handwritten content.

We take great pride in hiring only the best transcriptionists, who can use their vast experience and human intuition to either produce transcripts from the ground up or take a base generated by a program and fix it to match the recording. Our transcriptionists have the training and experience to catch the subtle details in an audio or video file that software cannot, so partnering with speech-to-text software gives us the best of both accuracy and speed. If you’re in need of business transcription, academic transcription, or non-English transcription and translation, contact us. We’ll take care of the rest.

Get started today and order transcription.

We have an expert team of transcriptionists.

There’s more to producing high-quality transcripts than you might think. We understand that the needs are different with every order. Our team provides the best transcription options to fit a variety of demands in Louisville, Kentucky, and throughout the United States.

  • Are you lecturing, studying, or researching at the University of Louisville or one of the many other fine institutions here? If you need transcripts of your recorded lectures or conferences, we can take that burden off your shoulders. What’s more, we’ll ensure a transcriptionist familiar with your field of study completes your transcript.

  • Are you a content creator in arts or marketing? If your project requires video captions, we’ll do that. We provide free speaker identification and timestamps for our customers in Derby City.

  • Do you work in healthcare? In partnering with an expert medical transcription firm, we can help you as well. For specialties ranging from oncology to psychiatry, our partner offers medical transcripts for healthcare providers from Downtown to Old Louisville.

  • Are you in the legal field? To meet your needs, we’ve partnered with a legal transcription firm whose top-notch transcriptionists know the ins and outs of legal terminology. They also maintain strict confidentiality while delivering high-quality transcripts.

  • Are you none of the above? If you simply need an online company that can transcribe your audio or handwritten notes, we’d be happy to help you out.

We want to meet your needs. Order your transcripts now.

We simply have a great team.

What makes our transcriptionists stand out from the crowd is that they have backgrounds in a wide range of areas, from the arts to the sciences. That makes a huge difference when transcribing particular subjects, as we match each project with a transcriptionist familiar with its field and dialect. This attention to detail is how we set the standard for online transcription.

For the more than 600,000 people in Louisville, including researchers, students, writers, and others, we’re the best option for audio and video transcription services. We serve a diverse population, whether in English or one of the more than 500 other languages we transcribe and translate. Our pricing doesn’t change based on the complexity of your material. Our goal is to make the process simple so you can focus more on your priorities and less on worrying about creating a transcript.

We can start whenever you’re ready. Order your transcripts today.

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If you want some solid evidence of our commitment to quality, we make it easy. Just click below to learn how to get a free sample and see how we can turn your file into a quality transcript or first draft.

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