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Ukrainian Transcription Services


Have you been searching for professional transcriptionists to turn your Ukrainian audio or video into a properly formatted transcript? If so, the highly skilled transcriptionists and translators at are eager to help. We excel at producing professional transcripts swiftly and accurately. For the best transcripts in Ukrainian, the language of Ukraine, trust us.

Order now for the best Ukrainian transcription services.

Our Expertise Is in Ukrainian Transcription

Ukrainian has about 27,150,000 native speakers and approximately 32,950,000 speakers in total. The main country in which Ukrainian is spoken is, of course, Ukraine, but it’s also spoken by a large minority in Russia and other small Ukrainian communities the world over. Here at, we have a mission: to help you convey your Ukrainian message as effectively and conveniently as possible.

That’s why we work so hard to generate high-quality, exceptionally accurate Ukrainian or English transcripts of your Ukrainian audio or video. Are you conducting ethnographic research, writing SEO copy for your company, endeavoring to spread the word about your service, or producing a documentary film? Our transcripts can help you achieve all these objectives and more.

Using Machines Alongside Humans for the Best Ukrainian Transcripts

One of the aspects that most starkly differentiates from other agencies offering Ukrainian transcription services is that we always rely on our team of skilled human transcriptionists, even if we receive assistance from machines. Our human experts always verify the accuracy of our machine-produced transcripts, so we never compromise on quality.

We’re experts in the Ukrainian language, fluent in its many idioms, colloquialisms, and accents—and our vast knowledge doesn’t stop there. Any dialect, whether Northwest Ukrainian, Southwest Ukrainian, East Ukrainian, or another, is fair game for our skilled transcriptionists. To guarantee the utmost precision in your transcript, we’ll have one of our transcriptionists particularly familiar with your dialect take on your project.

Flexible Ukrainian Transcription in Record Time

Here at, one of our key values is flexibility. Our clients come from all sorts of areas, from every corner of the academic world to the far reaches of the business sphere, so we know every client has unique needs. To accommodate your needs to the best of our ability, we offer several options for Ukrainian transcription. First, in addition to delivering your transcript in Ukrainian in either the traditional Cyrillic script or transliterated Roman characters, we can provide an English translation. Furthermore, you can send us any type of recording: From background noise and poor audio quality to multiple speakers and technical subject matter, no obstacles will impede our highly experienced transcriptionists.

Don’t let an amateur give you a suboptimal Ukrainian transcript. Get the best transcripts from the best transcriptionists. Ours are highly flexible and ultra-confidential, with our guarantee of accuracy, quality, and on-time delivery. With a wide array of turnarounds to choose from, we promise your project will always stay on schedule. Ready to get started on your Ukrainian transcript today? Just send us your audio or video file.

What part of the world are you in? We work with clients everywhere, from Phoenix, Oklahoma City, and El Paso to Kiev, Kharkiv, and Odessa. Geography is no limit.

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