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Saskatchewan, Canada: Best Transcription Services

Here’s where you can find the leading transcriptionists in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan is located in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, sandwiched between the other two Prairie provinces of Alberta and Manitoba. This uniquely rectangular-shaped province offers natural beauty in the form of Grasslands National Park, Prince Albert National Park, and Cypress Hill Interprovincial Park, with Wanuskewin and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum constituting additional important attractions of the province. But Saskatchewan is more than its landscapes and attractions—its people are what truly make it a force to be reckoned with. The bright scholars, entrepreneurs, creatives, and others scattered across the plains of Saskatchewan often need transcription services to move forward in their work, and we at are proud to assist, providing reliable transcripts in all sorts of fields and languages.

How do you feel about the use of automated transcription software? We find the technology fascinating—while it’s insufficient as a standalone transcriptionist, it’s an incredible tool for skilled human transcriptionists. We can initially use speech recognition programs to produce your transcript, with our human experts then poring over the output to ensure accuracy and quality, or we can forgo the technology entirely and have our human team members create your transcript from scratch—it’s up to you.

Whatever you decide, place an order for transcription services when you’re ready!


Our transcriptionists work hard for all Saskatchewanians.

Saskatchewan is a big province, with major cities such as Regina and Saskatoon alongside smaller settlements such as Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, and Lloydminster. No matter where you live in this great province, we’re here to provide you with pinpointed transcription services carefully tailored to your specific needs.

  • Are you a professor, student, or researcher at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the University of Regina, or another fine Saskatchewan post-secondary institute? If you are, and if you need transcription services of your conference audio recordings, interview video clips, or handwritten lecture notes, turn to our team. Our academic transcriptionists are specialized in all sorts of disciplines—from hard sciences like geology and mathematics to humanities like philosophy and literature, we can help academics in just about any field.

  • Are you a TV producer, filmmaker, podcaster, online content creator, or another type of creative in Saskatchewan? We’d love to help you produce and grow your content through our transcription services. Whether you’re looking for carefully produced transcripts with speaker identification and timestamps for SEO purposes, or whether you want subtitles or closed captions to cater your video content to non-English speakers or the hard-of-hearing community, our team will happily work with all sorts of projects, accommodating any special requirements you may have.

  • Most people in Saskatchewan speak English, but certainly not everyone. Immigrants from around the world flock to Canada, some of whom settle in Saskatchewan and bring their languages with them, everything from Tagalog, Mandarin, and Urdu to German, Ukrainian, and Spanish. Additionally, many of the indigenous inhabitants of Saskatchewan still speak their native languages: Cree, Dene, and more. Our transcription services aren’t limited to the province’s Anglophones—no matter what language you speak, our multilingual transcription team can help you transcribe, or even translate, your foreign-language content.

  • Saskatchewan’s hardworking medical professionals keep us safe when we get sick or suffer an injury, but the need for transcription is high in the medical field, and it can be tricky to locate skilled transcriptionists with the right knowledge in specific medical niches, such as hematology, radiology, or immunology. But now, Saskatchewan healthcare workers don’t need to seek out medical transcriptionists themselves—all they have to do is reach out to us for a referral to the experts at our partner medical transcription company.

  • Lawyers from all over Saskatchewan, whether they work in corporate law, family law, criminal law, copyright law, or immigration law, understand that finding high-quality legal transcription services can be a challenge. So, we’d like to step in and offer Saskatchewan’s legal professionals easy access to specialized legal transcriptionists who work carefully and confidentially—they work at our partner legal transcription company, and we’ll happily introduce you if you just ask.

  • If you fall into any of the above categories, reach out to us—and even if you don’t, we can still help you transcribe your audio files, video clips, or handwritten notes. Indeed, we’re the go-to transcription service for all Saskatchewanians.


Your first transcript starts here—order today!


Our team: A collection of the best transcriptionists from around the world

How can we be so confident in our transcription skills? Simple—thanks to the hardworking and experienced transcriptionists on our team! Indeed, they hail from Regina, Saskatoon, and elsewhere in Saskatchewan, the rest of Canada, and even other countries around the world, coming together to form a formidable team of the topmost transcription talent in the world. The diversity of our team means we can cater to just about any type of English, nearly any language, and virtually any subject matter, whether you present us with audio clips, video files, or handwritten documents.

Approximately 1.1 million people call Saskatchewan home, and among them are no shortage of researchers, CEOs, content creators, healthcare workers, legal professionals, and others who rely on accurate transcripts to do their jobs. We’re the transcription service you can rely on, no matter who you are in Saskatchewan—and with our affordable and transparent pricing model, great transcription services have never been more accessible.

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Interested in a free sample?

We’re the topmost transcription experts in Saskatchewan, but we’re not asking you to just take our word for it—you can see for yourself by requesting a free sample! Yes, we’ll create a free sample based on the material you send us, and what you do after that is up to you—but we think you’ll like our work.

You can request a free transcription sample here.

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