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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Top Transcription Services

Here’s how you can access Saskatoon’s best transcription services.

Saskatoon is a proud, bustling city brimming with ambitious and talented residents who are striving for greatness in different areas of life. Whether in academia, business, the creative industry, or even in personal endeavours, the need for transcription services can easily arise in Saskatoon, and that’s what we at are here for. We proudly offer our tailored and high-quality transcription services to the good people of Saskatoon, whether they want transcripts of audio clips, video footage, or even handwritten notes. From Wanuskewin, to Persephone Theatre, to the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market, there’s no shortage of wonders in Saskatoon, and we’re determined to offer the best transcription services we can to the people of this great city.

Do we use speech recognition software in our transcription work? AI and technology are hot topics these days, as tools quickly advance and become increasingly more sophisticated. However, speech-to-text algorithms simply can’t match the expertise of a professional human transcriptionist. Transcription AI tools are fast, but they fall short in terms of accuracy, which is why we may use them to generate a base for our transcripts that our human transcriptionists then expand and polish. But if you want a 100% human-generated transcript, we can do that too, of course!

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Great transcription services that everyone in Saskatoon can enjoy

It’s important to us to make great transcription services available to as many people in Saskatoon as possible—regardless of their background or the type of project they’re undertaking. In fact, we work beyond the borders of Saskatoon, helping clients all across Saskatchewan, Canada, and the entire world. It’s possible all thanks to our diverse team of experts specialized in different areas.

  • Saskatoon is brimming with incredible post-secondary education opportunities, including the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies. No matter which one you’re associated with, our academic transcription team can help you advance with your work, whether you’re studying computer science, biology, or history. Since we’ve hired transcriptionists knowledgeable in different fields, the technical vocabulary in your recordings won’t pose a problem.

  • Creatives in Saskatoon produce great works—whether that’s comedy sketches on YouTube, informative documentaries about various subjects, casual indie podcasts, or full-length action films. To bring their creative masterpieces to wider audiences, many creatives turn to transcripts, requesting additional features such as timestamps or tags to identify different speakers. That’s no problem for our team, who will happily add these little extras for free!

  • Though English is the majority language in Saskatoon, it’s by no means the only one. Naturally, a portion of the population also speaks French, Canada’s other official language, but some Saskatonians speak languages like Tagalog, Mandarin, German, Punjabi, or the indigenous Cree. If you need transcription services for an audio or video recording in a foreign language, no problem—our multilingual team, representing hundreds of languages, is ready to assist!

  • We’re grateful to the tireless hard work of Saskatoon’s medical professionals, whose expert knowledge in fields like neurology, dermatology, radiology, and more help us live long, healthy lives. We’re here to help the healthcare workers of Saskatoon access the high-quality medical transcription services they need to keep providing excellent care, but general transcriptionists usually can’t understand the complex technical language used in different medical specialties. That’s why we’ve partnered with a leading medical transcription firm, and we’d love to introduce you.

  • The many legal professionals in Saskatoon put in long hours every day to help Saskatoon individuals and businesses protect their legal rights, and in many cases, they need transcripts to aid in their hard work. But given the highly technical nature of law, whether you’re dealing with copyrights, criminal law, or family courts, means legal transcription is outside the scope of most transcriptionists. So, we’ve struck up a partnership with a top legal transcription provider, and we’d be thrilled to refer you.

  • Any other Saskatonians looking for transcription services are welcome to contact our team. You don’t need to fall into any of the above categories—you just need to have an audio clip, video footage, or handwritten document you want transcribed!

Contact us with your audio or video material for transcription, and we’ll take it from there!

We invest in quality on our transcription team.

It’s important to us that the 265,000+ residents of Saskatoon have access to flexible, high-quality transcription services that they can rely on, whether they’re CEOs, researchers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, healthcare practitioners, professors, podcasters, legal specialists, or anyone else. Whether the audio or video material you want transcribed is in English or another language, such as Spanish, Russian, or Swahili, our transcriptionists are ready to help. If you want that little extra bit of quality assurance, we can also hand your transcript off to our in-house proofreading team before delivery.

Indeed, our mission is to serve everyone in Saskatoon to the best of our ability, leveraging the wide-ranging skills and experience of our diverse transcription team, filled with professionals from across Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and even the world. For any English dialect, any foreign language, any field, and any type of document or project, you can count on us for high-quality transcripts, all for an affordable price on a transparent pricing scheme.

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Put us to the test—for free.

​If you’re not ready to commit to a full, paid transcription order yet, why not take advantage of our free sample offer? If you have a little time to spare, send us your materials, and we’ll send back a short sample, completely free of charge. If you like it, you can proceed with a full order, and if you’re not satisfied, you’re not obligated to do anything.

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