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We Offer the Best Transcription Services in British Columbia, Canada

We proudly provide great transcripts to the good people of British Columbia.

British Columbia is a province renowned for its natural beauty, with the lush and mountainous terrain butting up against the sparkling Pacific Ocean. The province’s breathtaking landscapes are on display at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and Yoho National Park, with the Butchart Gardens and VanDusen Botanical Gardens offering even more sights to take in. Amidst all the natural and floral wonders, we find millions of people who call BC home, many of whom are pursuing great things in their respective fields—whether in academia, business, the creative industry, or beyond. At, we’re here to help them whenever they need high-quality transcripts, whether they’re looking to transcribe audio or video material or even handwritten notes—in English or any other language.

We take quality extremely seriously in our transcription work. Does that mean we entirely eschew the emerging speech-to-text technology? No—while these programs have many faults and tend to produce a lot of errors, they’re a fantastic way to build a basic transcript from which our trained human transcriptionists can work to produce a proper, accurate transcript. This allows us to deliver transcripts cheaper and faster. But whether you want your transcript created partially by software or 100% by humans is always up to you.

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Serving the diverse population of British Columbia

When we say British Columbia’s population is diverse, we’re talking not only about the many different languages that British Columbians speak but also the myriad of fields and industries they represent, pushing boundaries in academia, business, and creativity alike. Our transcription team is here to serve British Columbians from Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Kelowna, Surrey, Abbotsford, and beyond.

  • British Columbia is dotted with prestigious post-secondary education institutes, from the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University to the University of Victoria and the University of Northern British Columbia. Whether you’re a professor, student, or researcher at any of these schools or another institute in BC, our team of academic transcriptionists, specialized in a range of fields, is here to help you transcribe everything from interview recordings to lecture notes.

  • British Columbians are creative—the many great movies, documentaries, online videos, podcasts, and more that come out of the province are proof of this. Content creators often lean on transcripts to help them produce or spread their work, with clearly identifiable timestamps and speaker tags making it easy for viewers to read along. Subtitles and closed captions are related services that can constitute a major boon to a video producer. Our transcriptionists can provide all sorts of tailored services for creatives—just reach out and ask!

  • Did you know that up to 30% of BC residents speak a language other than English as their primary language? Mandarin, Punjabi, and Cantonese are the most common, but Tagalog, German, French, Korean, Spanish, and Persian are also notable—not to mention the province’s many indigenous languages, such as Kwak’wala or Tsilhqot’in. Since we’ve hired transcriptionists form around the world, we can transcribe materials in just about any language—and even translate your transcript into English, if you so desire.

  • Whether in internal medicine, psychiatry, or surgery, BC’s medical professionals work hard to keep us all safe and healthy. Medical transcriptionists, similarly, work hard to provide healthcare workers with the accurate transcripts they need to carry out their important duties. We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with a leading medical transcription company to help BC medical providers representing all sorts of healthcare subfields.

  • Looking for top-notch legal transcription services in British Columbia? It’s imperative that you find a transcriptionist specialized in your area of the law, which is why it can be so difficult to find a great legal transcriptionist. We’ve located the best BC legal transcriptionists for you, hailing from our legal transcription partner firm. Our partners work with everything from family law to copyright law, and they’re dedicated to confidentiality—just reach out to us for an introduction.

  • Don’t worry if you aren’t in any of the above categories! You can still access transcription services from us—we’re open to anyone in British Columbia with an audio clip, video recording, or handwritten document they need transcribed.


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Here’s how we back up our unwavering commitment to quality: our team

We owe all our transcription prowess to the experienced and skilled individuals on our team, talented transcriptionists from different parts of British Columbia, as well as elsewhere in Canada and the world. Our transcriptionists represent not only a plethora of English dialects and accents, as well as foreign languages from around the world, but also a wealth of different specializations, allowing them to cater to the diverse transcription needs of BC’s many professors, entrepreneurs, artists, students, researchers, CEOs, TV producers, podcasters, lawyers, doctors, and more.

British Columbia’s population of 5 million means the province is filled with a diverse range of transcription needs—but we’re determined to serve as many British Columbians as possible. With a team as big and multifaceted as ours, we’re confident we can expertly handle whatever transcription projects you may have—regardless of the dialect, language, or subject matter.

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Want a free sample? Just request one!

We want you to be comfortable placing a transcription order with us, which is why we’re so happy to provide free samples to anyone who requests them. You can send us your audio or video clip (or handwritten note), and we’ll produce a short sample—and then, you can decide whether we’re right for your project.

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