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Audio and Video Transcription Services in Surrey, B.C.

Don’t miss this opportunity for top-class transcription services.

​At, we’re serious about connecting Surrey transcription clients with leading transcriptionists around the globe. We’ve been careful and intentional as we’ve created our team, selecting the most skilled transcriptionists to cater to researchers, lawyers, doctors, artists, and others across Surrey. Our worldwide search has led us to transcription experts in both English and over 500 foreign languages, so just about anyone in Surrey can benefit from our services. From the oceanic views of Crescent Beach to Peace Arch Provincial Park, we’re here to help Surrey residents transcribe their video and audio clips or their handwritten notes.

​When you order transcription services from us, you can rest assured you’ll receive the full attention of experienced human transcriptionists. That’s right—all machine transcription we use is carefully reviewed by human transcriptionists, so you'll never find any silly machine-generated mistakes. AI is impressive, but it’s nowhere near as impressive as the human brain, so if you want quality in your transcripts, hiring expert humans is the only way to go.

​Let’s get started with transcription services now.

Transcription specially tailored to your needs

The size and scope of our transcription team allows us to cater to residents across Surrey, the province of British Columbia, and the entire country of Canada. We hire transcriptionists specializing in different areas, which allows us to accommodate diverse transcription needs.

  • If you’re a Surrey student or professor at Simon Fraser University or Kwantlen Polytechnic University, why not turn to our academic transcription team for expert help transcribing your recorded lectures, conferences, and discussions? It doesn’t even matter how technical the language you’re using is, because we’ll assign your order to a transcriptionist fluent in your field.

  • If you’re a content creator, artist, or marketer, allow our transcriptionists to help transcribe your creative material, throwing in free extras as well, like speaker identification and timestamps. Some of our services, like video captions, are specially designed for content creators, and we’re passionate about helping you spread your content across the City of Parks.

  • If you speak a language other than English, like many residents of Surrey, you don’t have to look elsewhere for high-quality transcription. No matter what language you speak—Punjabi, Tagalog, Hindi, or one of more than 500 other languages—our transcriptionists can provide accurate, professionally formatted transcripts. We can even translate your content into English, if you want, or create subtitles for your video.

  • If you’re one of Surrey’s hardworking healthcare professionals, you deserve the utmost transcription quality. To help you access it, we’ve partnered with a top medical transcription agency that specializes in various medical fields, including internal medicine, radiology, and neurology. This way, you can be sure you’re getting the best in medical transcription.

  • If you practice the law in Surrey, whether you’re in Newton or Fraser Heights, you need a legal transcription firm you can trust to deliver consistently high-quality results with unwavering confidentiality. That’s precisely what our partner does, and we’ll gladly set you up with them.

  • If you’re anyone else in Surrey who has an audio clip, video file, or handwritten content in need of transcription, turn to us. We’re leaders in the transcription world and are here to help Surrey residents.

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We have good reason to be confident in our team.

​It’s our skilled transcriptionists who make us so successful. Our clients know they can count on the professionalism and accuracy of our top-level transcriptionists, who possess supplementary expertise in a wide range of subjects. Our academic clients know they’ll be working with an expert knowledgeable in their field, and our creative clients know they’ll receive a professionally formatted transcript they can easily publish. We go above and beyond to cater to our clients, ensuring the best transcription experience.

​This is what makes us the go-to transcription service for Surrey’s more than 517,000 ambitious residents. We’ve worked with leading researchers from prestigious schools, top-level business professionals, famous content creators, and more, so Surrey residents know they can count on for quality. We believe in a simple, transparent pricing scheme that doesn’t charge extra for complicated content, so you won’t encounter any hidden fees.

Want proof of our prowess?

​A free transcription sample can be all yours if you just order one below. We’ll happily show off our talent for free—we’re confident you’ll want to place a paid order once you see what we can do.

Take a moment to order a free transcription sample.

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