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Providing the Best Transcription Services in Ontario, Canada

Want the best transcription services Ontario has to offer?

Canada is a huge country, stretching a whopping 10,000 kilometres between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans—but much of this vast landmass is sparsely populated. In fact, an incredible 38% of Canada’s entire population is centred in a single province: Ontario. Even further, most of Ontario’s population lives in Southern Ontario, home to major cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Windsor, and more. Ontario is renowned for sites like the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Casa Loma, Parliament Hill, and beyond, and it’s home to countless academics, business leaders, creatives, and more who need reliable transcription services to push forward in their ground-breaking work. So, we at are here to help, providing top-notch transcription services for Ontarians regardless of dialect, language, content, or type of source material (audio, video, or handwritten documents).

We put you in charge of your transcription order, which means you can decide whether to allow the use of speech-to-text software. This fascinating technology is worlds away from rivalling human skill, but it’s a great tool for human transcriptionists to speed up their work. So, if you’d prefer a quicker and cheaper transcription offer, we can offer our human-machine hybrid approach—or if you’d prefer that only a human touches your material, we can provide our 100% human-generated option, as well.

Either way, feel free to place an order for transcription services today!


Ontarians from all over trust us with their transcription projects.

From the bustling metropolis of Toronto, to Canada’s history-rich capital of Ottawa, all the way to the proud northwestern Ontario city of Thunder Bay, Ontarians from all over this vast province work with our team to produce quality transcripts in academia, business, the creative industry, and beyond. See below for more information!

  • As Canada’s most populous province, Ontario boasts a wealth of great universities—the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, MacMaster University, the University of Guelph, and Western University are but a few examples. At all these institutes and more, professors and students in various disciplines work hard to push the boundaries of human knowledge—and our academic transcriptionists can support them by transcribing everything from conference and interview recordings to handwritten thesis notes, for just about any field.

  • Home to both Canada’s biggest city and its capital, Ontario is the beating heart of Canada’s entertainment industry, with scores of movies, TV shows, documentaries, online videos, and podcasts produced here. Carefully polished transcripts complete with speaker identification and timestamps, as well as subtitles and closed captions, help Ontario content creators get ahead, and our team is happy to provide all three services, tailored to the specifications of your project.

  • Canada is famous as a nation of immigrants, and indeed, a great number of them relocate to the proud province of Ontario. This means that many Ontarians speak a language other than English as their primary tongue—perhaps Mandarin, Italian, Punjabi, Spanish, Arabic, French, or even an indigenous language like Cree or Ojibwe. We don’t discriminate on linguistic grounds—we’re happy to transcribe materials in just about any language and even translate them to into English, if you want!

  • All across Ontario, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers work hard to ensure we have a high quality of life. Sometimes they require transcriptionists specialized in obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, emergency medicine, or other medical subfields to aid in their efforts, but such experts can be difficult to find. So, we’ve found them for you at our partner medical transcription company—reach out for a referral!

  • Legal transcription is no less complex than medical transcription, and whether you’re working with copyright law, corporate law, immigration law, or any other legal specialty, it’s imperative that the legal transcriptionists you hire are experts in your specialization. That’s precisely what our partner legal transcription firm promises—highly trained legal transcriptionists specialized in various niches providing meticulous and confidential transcription services.

  • These are just examples—any Ontarians with a need for transcription services should reach out to us with their audio files, video clips, or handwritten papers. Let us help you!


Place a transcription order and relax—we’ll take it from here.


Our diverse and flexible team of professional transcriptionists

We’re so confident in our transcription abilities thanks to the experienced and talented transcriptionists on our team. We’ve hired the best transcriptionists from all over Ontario, from Toronto to Thunder Bay, as well as other Canadian provinces and even other countries around the globe. Not only does our team represent a diverse array of English dialects and foreign languages, but our transcriptionists are also trained in all sorts of specialties, from academic disciplines to the niches of different business industries. So, we’re well equipped to tackle the diverse transcription needs of Ontarians.

With roughly 14 million inhabitants, Ontario accounts for more than 25% of the entire population of Canada. So, serving the vast and wide-ranging transcription needs of Ontario isn’t an easy task, but it’s one that we at are capable and eager to take on. Our transcription services are affordable in addition to being reliable and flexible, and our transparent pricing model protects you from any hidden fees.

Send us your transcription materials today in your first transcription order!


We’d be delighted to provide a free sample.

Not ready for a paid order yet? Give us a chance to show you exactly what we’re made of. Our team can provide a free transcription sample based on source material you provide, and then you can judge whether you’d like to go further—though we’re confident you’ll be impressed.

Put our transcriptionists to work with a free sample request!

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