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Transcription Services in London, Ontario

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Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

It’s not easy to find high-quality transcription services. We get it—a lot of companies use speech-recognition software in their work without having human transcriptionists check over the results, which drastically undermines the quality. Many don’t cater to your specific needs, leaving academics and researchers with esoteric topics in a predicament. Typically, they only work in English, and they don’t accommodate clients with handwritten notes.

That’s why is the best transcription solution for people all across London, Ontario. We provide 100% human-verified transcription services with a strict dedication to quality and accuracy, whether that means transcribing from scratch or reviewing a machine-generated transcript. We also offer transcription in numerous foreign languages and accommodate services for handwritten content. We serve everyone from scholars to business owners to lawyers to doctors to artists—if you love the beautiful nature of Springbank Park or the historical wonders of Fanshawe Pioneer Village, our transcriptionists can help you.

​London, Ontario, clients can order transcription here.

Are we a good fit for your transcription needs?

In a word, yes. We’ve specifically built our team to be maximally flexible and able to cater to the diverse needs of clients throughout London, Ontario more generally, and even all of Canada. We take great pride in our work, offering various transcription specialties.

  • Academic transcription. We’re proud to help students and faculty at the top post-secondary schools in London, Ontario, including Western University, Fanshawe College, and Westervelt College London. Many students record their lectures and class discussions, and we can transcribe them expertly, carefully assigning the right transcriptionist to your work to tackle technical language in your field.

  • Entertainment transcription. The Internet is alight with podcasts and YouTube videos, and London, Ontario, creators certainly contribute to this vibrant entertainment scene. If you want transcripts for these, we can provide speaker identification and timestamps for free! We can also create video captions or hand your transcript over to our proofreaders for a nice, polished final product.

  • Foreign-language transcription. London, Ontario—like its British counterpart—is home to people of many different languages. Our transcription services aren’t limited to English—we offer more than 500 languages, including Danish, Javanese, and Bosnian. We do more than just transcribe foreign-language content—we can also translate it into English or create subtitles for your videos.

  • Medical transcription. Healthcare workers in London, Ontario, hold themselves to the highest standards of quality. This is true for neurologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, and all sorts of others, who rely on high-quality transcription to advance in their work. What you need to succeed, whether you’re in Woodfield or Wortley Village, is top-quality medical transcription services, like the ones our partner provides.

  • Legal transcription. If you’re a legal professional in London, Ontario, you need to rely on the highest-quality legal transcription services in the province. That’s what we can provide you with, thanks to our highly specialized legal transcription partner. Our partner is the leading legal transcription company in Ontario and can assist you in any number of legal subfields.

  • General transcription. No matter who you are in London, Ontario—or whether you want to transcribe an audio file, video footage, or handwritten notes—you can turn to us.

It’s time to get started with transcription—order now!

Why do we believe we’re the best transcription team?

​The simple answer is because we are. We’ve taken great care to compile the best transcription team on the Internet, selecting transcriptionists who lead the industry. To cater to the needs of our academic clients, we’ve chosen transcriptionists who know additional fields. To cater to clients with international needs, we’ve gathered a team of superb translators. And to cater to clients looking to publish their transcript immediately, we’ve put together a great proofreading team.

​When it comes to quality, the 383,000+ residents of London, Ontario, hold their service providers to high standards. And we’re confident we can exceed these standards for clients from all walks of life—whether they come from academia, the business world, or the legal profession. Our quality never wavers, whether you need transcription in English or another language. And don’t worry about the price—our pricing model is simple, and we never charge extra if your audio clip is complicated.

​Invest in quality—order transcription services today.

Try a free sample to get started.

​You don’t have to take our word for it—put us to the test! We’ll prove our skills so you can confidently place a paid order. The process is simple: just click the link below to order a no-obligation free sample.

Ordering a free sample is as easy as clicking this link.

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