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Ottawa’s Top Audio and Video Transcription Services

We make ordering transcription services easy.

Canada is a big country, and as its capital, Ottawa, is an important city. It houses close to a million business professionals, academic researchers, innovative content creators, and more, many of whom rely on high-quality transcription services to continuously push forward. Whether it’s skating down the Rideau Canal in the winter or admiring Parliament Hill, Ottawa has a lot to offer—and so do we at Our English and foreign-language transcription services are available to everyone in Ottawa for audio, video, and handwritten material of all kinds.

Many transcription clients are concerned about the pervasive usage of speech-to-text software among transcription professionals—but this is only something to worry about if the results aren't scrutinized by human professionals. We sometimes use this technology, but we guarantee that every transcript we produce has been carefully verified by a professional transcriptionist. With us, you get professionally formatted, strikingly accurate transcripts with an unwavering guarantee of timely delivery. We can handle all sorts of content—even dense, technical content—making us the top transcription agency in Ottawa.

See what transcription services can do for you—order today.

Flexible transcription services for everyone in Ottawa

Whether you’re a CEO, a professor, or a filmmaker, we invite you to take advantage of our transcription expertise. We serve clients across Ottawa, Ontario, and Canada, with the aim of offering the most flexible and accommodating transcription service in the country.

  • Students and faculty at Ottawa universities, such as the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, and Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology, often need academic transcription to make better use of their recorded lectures or class discussions. We have many academic transcriptionists on staff with expertise in various fields, and we’ll make sure to assign the right expert to your order.

  • Content creators around Ottawa have diverse transcription needs that may include services like captions. That’s not a problem for our team. In fact, we can even throw in extras like speaker identification and timestamps for free.

  • Whether it’s surgery or hematology, practitioners in various subfields of medicine require extremely accurate transcripts to advance their work. To assist medical professionals in Ottawa, we’ve started working with a medical transcription company that provides high-quality medical transcripts from Downtown to Orleans and beyond.

  • The legal profession is filled with specialized terminology and jargon that most people, including professional transcriptionists, can’t understand. So, if you’re looking for legal transcription services in Ottawa, you have to find bona fide legal experts—like the ones at our partner transcription firm that specializes in legal transcription.

  • Anyone else in Ottawa is also welcome to take advantage of our transcription expertise. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your material is—we just want to help you.

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What makes us Ottawa’s best transcription team?

We owe our success to our skilled transcriptionists, who work hard to produce high-quality work for clients across Ottawa. We’ve built up this successful team thanks to the rigorous screening process we’ve implemented to filter the candidate pool to only the best transcriptionists. Our professionals are experts not only in transcription but also various other fields, allowing them to easily tackle the transcription of complicated subject matter.

Canada’s capital city is home to a vibrant and ambitious population. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, doctor, artist, researcher, lawyer, or government agent, you contribute to the greatness of Ottawa, and we’d like to help you in your endeavors with transcription services in English or
numerous other languages. With a simple pricing structure, we make transcription easy.

Reach out today to start your transcription journey.

Want to try a free sample?

You want to verify our transcription services for yourself—we understand. We’re happy to show off our work in a no-obligation free sample, and we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the result.

Don’t hesitate to request your free transcription sample today.

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