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Toronto Audio and Video Transcription Services

Do you need English or foreign language transcription services for an audio or video clip? Trust the experts at to provide high-quality, reliable transcripts, no matter the subject. From the tip of the CN Tower to the gardens of Casa Loma, we offer transcription services all over the great Canadian city of Toronto. We’ve worked with academics from the University of Toronto as well as executives from Toronto’s top companies. We work with audio, video, and handwritten text of all kinds.

We take great pride in the quality of our transcription services. We hire the foremost experts in the field, and anytime we use speech-recognition software, we make sure our experts guarantee the quality. When you order transcription services from us, you can rest assured that highly skilled human transcriptionists will craft your transcript—and deliver it on time. While we may make use of machine transcription to aid us, all our transcripts are meticulously checked by our human experts.

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We’re the top provider of transcription services for Toronto.

We’re proud to serve the people of Toronto, Canada’s biggest city, with our reliable transcription services. We serve professionals, academics, creatives, and others across Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the world, covering all sorts of domains. We always endeavour to accommodate our clients’ unique needs, modifying our transcription offering to best fit your specifications. Below are a few examples of our offered services.

  • Do you study or work at the University of Toronto, York University, or Ryerson University? We have academic specialists on our transcription team who can help Toronto students and instructors transcribe their recorded class discussions, conferences, and lectures. We cover a wide range of subjects and always assign an expert in your respective field to ensure maximum accuracy.

  • If you’re a business in Toronto, you may need transcripts of your meetings, presentations, and more for translation, dissemination, or internal note-keeping. No matter what your industry is or why you require transcription services, our business transcriptionists can help. Transcripts can help businesses grow, and we’re dedicated to Toronto’s continued growth.

  • Are you a content creator in Toronto? Toronto features a wealth of creative souls, and creative content can certainly benefit from transcription. We can add timestamps, speaker identification tags, and captions to your videos, no matter what they’re about. There’s no additional charge for these extra transcription features—with our dedication to flexibility, we offer them for free.

  • Do you work in Toronto’s medical sector? Healthcare professionals often require medical transcription services in a variety of sectors—from surgery to dermatology to neurology. Luckily for you, we’ve partnered with a leading medical transcription agency to provide the highest-quality medical transcripts in Toronto.

  • Transcription plays a major role in the legal profession. Transcripts may be needed for a wide range of applications in any number of legal specialties. Of course, a legal transcriptionist must be intimately familiar with legal terminology, so only specialists can handle this job. We’ve partnered with a top legal transcription company to be able to deliver reliable legal transcripts to you in Toronto.

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We’re so confident in our transcription prowess that we’re willing to offer a 100% free sample. Request a no-obligation free sample today, and you’ll see why we’re a top-rated transcription agency in Toronto. We can cater to your individual needs, no matter what kind of audio or video clip you have, what the subject matter is, what the dialect is, or how many speakers there are. Our transcription services are also available in numerous languages, so don’t hesitate to request a free sample today, no matter what your project is. We’re certain you’ll love the result.

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