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Navajo Transcription Services


For smaller languages such as Navajo, finding a transcription service you can rely on can be difficult. At, our seasoned professionals will help ensure your transcripts meet your needs.


Order precise Navajo transcripts today.


The Best in Navajo Transcription Services


Navajo is the most widely spoken indigenous language in the United States and Canada, with more than 160,000 native speakers, mostly centered in the Navajo Nation across Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. If you’re looking to spread your Navajo message, can help broaden your audience. We work with a range of audio and video materials and can provide transcripts in either Navajo or English. Our transcription professionals are experts at managing transcripts, whether you’re providing medical or legal services or making a documentary.


Transcripts Created by Navajo Language Experts


Navajo is well known among linguists for being notoriously difficult to transcribe or translate. Navajo has a huge phonemic inventory that distinguishes consonant aspiration, vowel length, and nasality, as well as tone, which means distinguishing particular sounds for their meaning can be exceptionally difficult for inexperienced transcriptionists.


These challenges are only compounded when taking into account audio that might be unclear or contain colloquial speech or multiple speakers. At, however, we work with Navajo language experts. Our transcriptionists are well versed in a number of fields and can work with material that would stump amateurs.


Tailored Transcripts Delivered on Your Schedule


At, we know that no two projects are the same. That’s why we offer a variety of options to work with your schedule and your specific needs. We provide transcripts in Navajo as well as transcripts that have been faithfully translated into English by language professionals.


Our team works with a variety of professionals and projects, so we’re prepared to assist academic researchers, business professionals, entertainers, and others. Similarly, we can handle challenges such as poor sound quality, technical vocabulary, and multiple speakers.


If you’re looking for high-quality Navajo transcription services, you need experienced professionals. Our transcriptionists create transcripts that will fit your needs on a timeline that works for you. All you need to do to get started is send us your audio or video files.


No matter where you are, we can support you. Whether your materials were recorded in the Navajo Nation or in New York, Miami, San Francisco, or anywhere else, we can start straight away!


Order today.

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