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The Best Audio and Video Transcription Services in Miami


Find the best audio and video transcription services here and now.

When you’re the leading online English and foreign language transcription service, it’s not bragging when you say you’re the best. leads the pack because we zero in on the needs of our customers, from students, to business leaders, to creatives. From the Everglades to Biscayne Bay, we’re out there creating accurate, high-quality transcripts of audio, video, and written content.

Transcription software is useful, but only as an assistant for a highly skilled human transcriptionist. Robots just aren't there in terms of accuracy, but their speed is unparalleled, so when our human transcriptionists meticulously clean up the transcripts these programs produce, you get blazing speed without losing any quality. When you need transcripts of your conferences, speeches, class lectures, dictated notes, and more, we’ll take that burden off your hands and deliver top-notch transcripts.

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How do you know if we’re the right service for you?

Now that you know you’ll be dealing with real people, here are the types of folks we work with every day as we deliver the best audio and video transcription services in Miami and throughout the country.

  • Students and faculty who need transcripts of lectures, group discussions, and conferences come to us for our accuracy and experience. Whether you’re researching at the University of Miami, Florida International University, or any of the other fine institutions in Miami, we’ll match your project with a transcriptionist who’s familiar with your field of study.

  • Content creators who need video transcripts or captions trust us to do the best work for them—and they like the fact that we offer free speaker identification and timestamps.

  • Those whose primary language is not English come to us for transcription as well as translation. They rely on our standout international team, who have transcribed thousands of audio and video files in more than 500 languages, including Spanish, French, and Portuguese. When you need video subtitles, we can do that, as well.

  • Medical professionals know they can come to us to have vital audio and video transcribed. The expert medical transcriptionists of our partner firm have worked with Miami providers from a wide range of specialties, including oncology and internal medicine.

  • Legal professionals rely on us, as well, as we’ve partnered with a certified legal transcription firm that knows the ins and outs of legal terminology and understands the need for strict confidentiality.

  • Everyday folks come to us, too, bringing dictated and handwritten notes that we transcribe into first-draft transcripts.

So relax and put your files into our hands. Order your transcripts today.

Yes, we are as good as we say.

Why choose us over other transcription firms? Our people couple their transcription skills with a broad range of knowledge about myriad subjects, from computer technology, to economics, to history. We match each project with a transcriptionist familiar with its subject.

For the 400,000 people in Miami, whether they’re researchers, students, business professionals, or content creators, we can turn audio and video into polished transcripts—and we provide translation services, as well. What’s more, no matter how complex the subject material, our pricing structure doesn’t change. We want to make getting transcripts as easy as possible so you can focus on what you do best.

Our team is ready to start working with you. Order your first transcript now.

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