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Best Audio and Video Transcription Services in Hamilton, Ontario

Take advantage of top-notch transcription services in Hamilton.

​Are you a Hamilton resident looking for a reliable transcription service? If so, you can stop the search— is just what you’re looking for. Already, academics, businesspeople, creatives, and others from across Hamilton can attest to our skills and dedication to quality in transcription, whether it’s in English or another language. We love working with Hamilton clients, from the beauty of the Royal Botanical Gardens and all along the famous Bruce Trail. So, whether you have an audio file, video clip, or handwritten notes, you can trust our transcription prowess.

If you’re looking for high-quality transcription services, you want to make sure the agency you're hiring uses human transcription experts. Technology is ever improving, but in the realm of language, it’s simply no match for human intuition. So, while we may employ such technology to create a base to work from, we rely on our skilled human transcriptionists, who we specifically select for their vast experience and background knowledge in various areas, to deliver the quality we're known for. With the best transcriptionists from around the world, we can confidently offer our transcription services to everyone in Hamilton.

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Something for everyone in Hamilton

What makes us the go-to transcription service in Hamilton is our flexibility and ability to accommodate just about any client. We achieve this through our large and diverse transcription team, comprised of specialists like academic transcriptionists, medical transcriptionists, and legal transcriptionists. Read on to see why clients from around Hamilton, Ontario, and Canada more broadly flock to us.

  • We proudly work with students and faculty at Hamilton institutes like McMaster University, Mohawk College, and Redeemer University to produce accurate, reliable academic transcripts. This works well for recordings of group discussions and conferences or handwritten notes, especially since we make sure to match you up with a transcriptionist familiar with your field.

  • Hamilton creators may require additional transcription services, such as logging the time of each utterance or identifying changing speakers. These are services we can add for free when you request video transcription or podcast transcription services. And perhaps you want to publish your transcript immediately upon receipt—for a little extra, we can have our proofreaders check over your transcript to ensure readiness.

  • Do you speak a language other than English? If you do, we probably offer transcription services in it, since we serve more than 500 different languages. Whether you have a video in Bulgarian, an audio clip in Fula, or handwritten notes in Traditional Chinese, our team is here to help. We also offer subtitles, a popular foreign-language service to increase your video’s reach.

  • Hamilton’s health professionals rely on accurate transcripts to help them advance in neurology, surgery, ophthalmology, and other areas of medicine. We’ve partnered with a medical transcription company that provides top-level medical transcription from Crown Point East to Gibson in a range of subfields.

  • Hamilton lawyers need accurate transcription services to stay ahead, no matter what area of the law they practice. They also require the highest level of confidentiality. Luckily, they can find both with our partner legal transcription agency, which proudly works with Hamilton’s best.

  • Do you need other audio content or even handwritten notes professionally transcribed? We’re just the service for you!

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The best transcription team on the web

Our transcription team is passionate, experienced, educated, and ready to make a difference for Hamilton clients. We have transcriptionists from all sorts of backgrounds, bringing specialty knowledge from other fields to their transcription work. This means we can accommodate nearly any dialect or accent, as well as highly technical subject matter.

We wouldn’t offer our services to the more than 530,000 people in Hamilton if we weren’t truly confident in ourselves. We work with academic clients, business clients, medical clients, and many more to produce Hamilton’s highest-quality transcripts, a mission we’re proud of. We’re the best transcription service for both English and over 500 non-English languages, with a stable pricing model that doesn’t fluctuate depending on your audio quality.

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Free samples available!

If you want to see a free sample before placing a full order, we’re happy to oblige! With transcription skills like ours, providing free samples is easy. We’re sure you’ll love the results.

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