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Bulgarian Transcription Services


Finding a Bulgarian transcription service with the right experience and expertise can be a challenge. At, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft accurate and high-quality transcripts to match our clients’ needs. To achieve this, we work with specialized vocabulary as well as colloquial speech. Whatever your transcription needs are, our team can handle your project.


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Invest in Quality Bulgarian Transcription Services


How popular is Bulgarian, and who speaks it? Bulgarian has more than 8 million speakers, including almost 7 million in Bulgaria and more than 1 million throughout other countries in the Balkans (notably Greece, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine) and around the world. Naturally, it’s the official language of Bulgaria as well as one of the languages of the European Union.


Using the right transcription service is essential to reaching a wide audience. Through, you’ll receive accurate transcripts in Bulgarian or English. With our team of professional transcriptionists, we can support projects for businesses, researchers, commercial enterprises, digital apps, and more.


Guaranteed Accuracy with Human Transcriptionists


While voice recognition software can be impressive at first glance, its ability to produce accurate transcripts remains limited. When faced with overlapping voices, low audio quality, and colloquial speech, this kind of software just can't compete with the years of experience of a human transcriptionist. But don't misunderstand us—we don't eschew this technology. In fact, it's wonderfully useful as an assistant, creating a foundational transcript that our human transcriptionists can then meticulously check against the client's audio files to ensure accuracy.


Using a team of human transcriptionists who are experts in their field, we strive for accuracy and quality in our Bulgarian transcription services. Moreover, our transcriptionists are experts in the Bulgarian language, which means they know all about Bulgarian colloquial speech, idioms, slang, technical terms, and jargon. It’s with this deep pool of knowledge that we ensure accurate and professionally produced transcripts no matter the subject.


Flexible Options and Turnarounds for Bulgarian Transcripts


Every project has its own specific needs, and can provide you with Bulgarian transcripts that match yours, from transcribing your files into either English or Bulgarian to formatting them to fit your purposes. You can trust a transcription agency that’s spent years providing quality services to businesses, academic researchers, and documentary filmmakers alike. Even if your files include poor audio quality, overlapping speech, or specialized vocabulary, our transcriptionists are ready for the task.


With, you’re guaranteed to get the best. Our transcription services are tailored for you, and we work on a schedule based on your needs. If you want to feel confident that you’re getting the best transcript, just send us your audio or video.


No matter where you are, we will work to deliver your transcripts as you need them. We’ll provide you with high-quality Bulgarian transcription services whether you’re based in Sofia, Plovdiv, London, Burgas, or anywhere else.


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