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Montreal Audio and Video Transcription Services

Montreal’s Top Transcription Professionals

All across Montreal, people from all walks of life require transcription services. Whether they’re top executives of major corporations, renowned academics, or hardworking medical or legal professionals, reliable transcripts are necessary for a number of applications. It’s important to hire transcriptionists you can trust to deliver high-quality work, and that’s where comes in. We offer top-level transcripts in English and foreign languages alike, whether you have an audio clip, video footage, or handwritten content. From the top of Mount Royal to the high ceilings of Notre-Dame Basilica, anyone in Montreal can benefit from our transcription services.

Unlike most transcription agencies, we never rely on speech-to-text software—at least not fully. It's a useful assistant, but we value quality, which is why we ensure our transcripts are always verified by skilled human transcriptionists, even if we use machine transcription to generate the base. That’s how we boast such sky-high accuracy rates.

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Personalized Transcription Services for You

With more than a million inhabitants, Montreal is a massive city—and that means its residents have diverse needs for transcription. Not to worry—our team is prepared to accommodate the needs of corporations, researchers, artists, healthcare professionals, and legal practitioners alike. We have transcriptionists specialized in numerous domains, allowing us to provide the ideal transcription for you.

  • Whether you’re affiliated with McGill University, the University of Montreal, or Concordia University, our transcriptionists are here to help transform your recorded audio clips into highly readable transcripts. With specialized academic transcriptionists knowledgeable in diverse subject matter, we can help students, professors, and researchers in all sorts of fields with ease.

  • Depending on why you require transcription services, you may need extra features, such as speaker identification and timestamps. Don’t worry—we can provide these extra services for free to Montreal clients. We also offer captioning services, if you’d like captions as part of your video transcription.

  • As the capital of Quebec, Montreal is home to a huge number of French speakers. And, as a major Canadian city, it’s also home to many people who speak neither English nor French as their first language. Not to worry—our transcription services are available not only in English and French but also more than 500 other languages, including CzechTurkish, and Georgian. If you want foreign-language subtitles for your video, we can do that too!

  • Montreal is filled with hardworking medical professionals who have a strong need for medical transcription. Medical transcription is difficult for most transcriptionists because healthcare fields like anesthesiology, urology, and obstetrics contain technical terminology that laypeople don’t understand—but that’s why we’ve partnered with a top medical transcription company. Thanks to our partners, we can offer high-quality medical transcription to Montreal.

  • If you’re a legal professional in Montreal, you likely have multifaceted needs for transcripts. Legal jargon is too complicated for most transcriptionists—but since we’ve struck up a partnership with a leading legal transcription company, we can proudly offer reliable, high-quality transcription services for the legal industry.

  • If you fall outside of the above categories, that’s okay. No matter why you need transcription services, we’re happy to provide them. We’ll take your audio recording, video clip, or handwritten notes and transform them into a professionally formatted transcript.

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Only the Best Transcriptionists

We take quality seriously, which is why we’re careful to hire only the best transcriptionists on the web. We always want to exceed the expectations of the businesspeople, content creators, professors, and others across Montreal who rely on us for accurate transcripts. We hire transcriptionists with expertise in a range of fields, whether the humanities, the sciences, the business world, the medical field, or the legal profession. 

So, if your clip includes technical jargon or multiple speakers, you don’t have to worry. We’re diligent about setting you up with the transcriptionist best suited for your needs, and our simple price model means you never have to pay extra for more complicated recordings. We aim to make our transcription services as flexible and accommodating as possible.

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