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Georgian Transcription Services


Do you have high standards for transcription services? Does your material deal with specialized topics? That’s exactly what we’re here for. guarantees high-end transcripts meticulously crafted by seasoned Georgian language experts. For top-notch transcripts in Georgian or English, leave it to the professionals.


Order your Georgian transcripts today.


Professionals in Georgian Transcription


Georgian has more than 4 million speakers around the world. It’s the official language of Georgia and is used extensively throughout the Caucasus region. Aside from that, there are sizable Georgian-speaking populations in Russia, Turkey, Iran, and Azerbaijan. At, our goal is to help you expand your message to a broader audience, whether you want to reach Georgian speakers or are targeting a broader audience of English speakers.


How can we help you? With our high-quality Georgian transcription services, you can reach Georgian-speaking audiences. If you want to extend your reach more internationally, we also provide English-language translation and transcription. Whether you’re conducting research, shooting a film, or spreading information, our transcripts can help you achieve your objectives.


Georgian Transcripts Produced by Humans, Assisted by Machines


There’s a trend for transcription agencies with less experience to use voice recognition software. This works in theory, but in practice, machine-made transcripts tend to be full of errors and inaccuracies. But using them as a base is fine—we often have our human transcriptionists review machine-generated transcripts, with the original audio clip on hand so they can guarantee the highest possible level of accuracy. At, we value precision, so to produce the high-quality transcripts that our clients expect from us, we strictly employ human transcriptionists to verify the accuracy of every single transcript we create.


Does your material include technical vocabulary? What about colloquial speech? Regional accents? Georgian features several varieties that can make transcription a challenge, but our seasoned professional transcriptionists can work with material using Kartlian, Adjurian, Imeretian, Mokhevian, and more. Whatever your needs are, leave your project to our transcriptionists.


Transcripts to Fit Your Needs and Your Schedule

We understand that every project is different, and transcription needs differ as well. We pride ourselves on being flexible in terms of content and schedule. Our team can transcribe your Georgian audio in either the Georgian or Latin script, and we also offer English translation. Our transcriptionists have the skills to take on audio or video pertaining to any topic, including business, research, and medicine. Additionally, we work with recordings that have poor audio quality or that contain overlapping speech, background noise, or unclear voices.


Our professional team achieves the best transcripts available. We look forward to providing you with confidentiality, accuracy, and expertise on a schedule that works for you. If you’re looking for Georgian transcription services you can rely on, simply send us your audio or video files.


We work with clients around the world. Are you in Moscow, Athens, or New York? Do you have material from Tbilisi, Artvin, or Batumi? We can help you.


Order today.

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