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A High-Quality Transcription Team Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

Tap into our transcription talent in the Bay Area.

The Bay Area is one of the most prominent regions not only in California but also in all of the United States. Home to Silicon Valley, the Bay Area leads the entire world in tech development, but it’s also renowned for its post-secondary educational excellence and natural beauty, as can be seen at Muir Woods National Monument and Point Reyes National Seashore—and there’s also the man-made beauty of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The millions of talented and ambitious people who make the Bay Area their home rely on high-quality transcription services, and that’s what we’re here to provide, working with diverse languages and subject matters to cater to Bay Area residents.

As the technology center of the world, the Bay Area is no stranger to the rapid advancements in speech recognition software. We appreciate this technology because it allows us to create transcripts so much more quickly—the program outputs a rudimentary base transcript, and we carefully edit it until it accurately reflects the source material, making for a cheaper alternative for our clients. But if the utmost accuracy is your top concern, we can also have our human transcriptionists produce your transcript entirely from scratch.


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Our transcription services are available all over the Bay Area.

The San Francisco Bay Area encompasses several Californian counties, notably Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma. Several million people are spread out across the region, pushing boundaries in academia, business, and the arts alike. Our transcription team is here to help all of them.

  • The Bay Area is renowned for its high-quality higher education, which attracts bright minds not only from all across the US but also from countries around the world. Some of the top schools include Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, Santa Clara University, and the University of San Francisco—but no matter where you study in the Bay Area, our academic transcriptionists would like to support you. We offer tailored academic transcription in any number of subjects, with specialized experts well versed in the technical vocabulary of your field.

  • The Bay Area is home to the world-famous Pixar animation studio, but talented individuals from all across the region produce innovative new movies, podcasts, online videos, documentaries, and more. Whether it’s to help boost their SEO efforts or open their productions up to new audiences through subtitles and closed captions, our transcriptionists are ready to help. If you want speaker identification or timestamps, we’ll even add those for free!

  • The Bay Area is one of the major hotspots for newcomers to the United States from all around the world, which has made the region remarkably linguistically diverse. In addition to English, you’re likely to run into speakers of Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Russian, Persian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Swahili, Yiddish, and even Navajo—and many more. But our transcription team is also linguistically diverse, and we offer our services in hundreds of languages around the world. So, for transcription (or translation into English) for any number of languages, turn to us!

  • Medical professionals in the Bay Area work hard to ensure residents have a high quality of life—but whether it’s internal medicine, pathology, or ophthalmology, the dense and highly technical language of different healthcare niches makes the field inaccessible to most people, including transcriptionists. So, to ensure easy access to reliable medical transcription for the Bay Area’s healthcare providers, we’ve partnered with a top medical transcription company—contact us for an introduction!

  • Legal professionals in the Bay Area face similar challenges to their medical counterparts. From immigration law to corporate law, complicated language and esoteric vocabulary means most professional transcriptionists can’t provide the accuracy lawyers rely on. That’s why we decided to partner with a top provider of legal transcription services—with our partner’s transcriptionists, the Bay Area’s lawyers have easy access to high-quality legal transcription.

  • The Bay Area is diverse, and so is our transcription offering. Whoever you are, wherever you are, let us help you—send us your audio recording, video clip, or handwritten notes!


Enjoy our high-quality transcription services today—order now!


A diverse team of transcriptionists from all around the world

Just like the Bay Area, our team consists of experts from all around the world. We’ve brought together the foremost transcriptionists from across the US and other countries, which is how our team is able to offer professional transcription in numerous languages, including the 100+ distinct languages spoken in the Bay Area. Our team also contains many specialists from various fields, which means we can easily navigate the esoteric language in your technical materials.

Boasting a population of approximately 7.7 million, the Bay Area—which is but a few counties in California—is more populous than many independent countries. Its influence also stretches all across the globe, and its importance cannot be understated. The countless researchers, entrepreneurs, content creators, and others who call the Bay Area home need our transcription services, and since we offer them with our simple and transparent pricing model, we ensure everyone in the area is well served.

Our transcripts can transform your project—see for yourself when you place an order!


Reach out to request a free sample!

Why not verify our skills for yourself before committing to a paid transcription order? We happily provide free transcription samples to all who request them, as long as you’re a first-time client. All we need is the source material you want transcribed, and we’ll use that to create a short free sample of our work.


Try us out today—message us for a free sample!

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