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Armenian Transcription Services


Looking to broaden your audiences and extend the reach of your message? The right transcription service can go a long way. With, you’re guaranteed to receive accurate and detailed transcripts produced by professionals to fit your specifications.


Order today to get started with your Armenian transcription project.


Seasoned Armenian Transcriptionists


Armenian has approximately 7 million speakers around the world. While 3 million of these live in Armenia, there are roughly 4 million speakers in the diaspora, making Armenian one of the most widespread heritage languages worldwide.


Whether you want to enhance your material for Armenian speakers or for a global audience, can help. We offer transcription from Armenian into Armenian as well as translated into English. With our vast experience, we’re equipped to provide faithful transcripts for projects related to business, research, entertainment, and more.


Armenian Transcripts Carefully Approved by Human Experts


Machine-made transcripts have their place, but not if quality is your primary objective. Despite advances in voice recognition software, such programs still produce inaccuracies, which render them inappropriate for use cases that require high levels of accuracy, such as in business or academia. So, to use them responsibly, a transcription agency must enlist human transcriptionists to carefully verify their accuracy. That's precisely what we do. To avoid these embarrassments and ensure precision, relies on our team of actual Armenian-speaking transcriptions, even if we generate the base transcript using technology.


Software struggles with idioms, colloquialisms, slang, and jargon. Similarly, with two distinct standardized forms and several dialects, Armenian requires a lot more than software to transcribe accurately, although it still can produce a good base to work from. Fortunately, our Armenian language experts are highly experienced and ready to provide transcripts that stay faithful to the original audio.

Customized Armenian Transcripts on a Flexible Schedule


No matter the nature of your project, can support you. Whether you need a straightforward Armenian transcript or one that includes an English translation, we’re ready. You don’t have to worry about audio or unclear voices, and thanks to our extensive experience, we can transcribe a range of technical and industry subjects, including material from the legal and medical fields.


Would you rather have amateurs who use software or professionals who leverage years of experience? With, you’ll receive transcripts exactly as you need them on a timetable that works for you. When you send us your file, we take over the rest of the work so you can relax.


Whether you’re based in Los Angeles, Moscow, or Paris and whether you have audio or video files from Yerevan, Gyumri, Javakheti, or elsewhere, we can help you.


Order today.

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